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what keeps u going?


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Hi I'm 5 months Sunday and TBH I love the control I have over food instead of the control it HAD over me.
I was a size 24 when I started and today I got a size 16 Jeans on couldn't breath when I done them up but I bladdy got em on ;)

It's the feeling of success with every half stone gone and the longer we do it I think in a way it gets easier

Before you know it you'll be thinking wow I'm on 4 months and will feel 100% proud you did this :) xx
I pick different goals to keep me going...firstly when I started WW it was my new partner; he was 12st and 5ft 10, my ex was 5ft 8 and 18 stone, so I was now the larger person in the relationship, and although my new partner wasn't bothered I certainly did feel uneasy; esp. as his ex-wife was ultra skinny! So, that was the first motivation; then we decided to get married, so that was the next goal! Now I have a new goal of buyng myself new clothes for christmas; preferably all in size 10-12... I think it just keeps me focussed to always have something to keep looking forward to....


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I keep motivated by knowing I will soon be able to go and buy any clothes I want. I wobble and have bad weeks but I keep getting right back on track! Its not a sprint, its endurance!


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I'm with Shabba I look at this as a marathon not a sprint. What keeps me going is the wish to be a healthy weight and to be able to buy clothes in any shop I want. I accept that I will lapse along the way and am in this for life

Oh and it does feel great when you see your clothes getting smaller and getting into a smaller size
I like to have something to look forward to, like an occasion to aim for. Like my minibreak to London which everyone's fed up of me banging on about [20 sleeps people!] or something like that.

Plus the people on here, this is such a good support network. Unlike my mother who constantly reminds me when I have had a slip up, that I "always do that", these people pick me up again and say the right things to make that line be drawn and motivate me to continue!

Challenges - Whether it's my own "no chocolate for a month" or something, or a few of us vowing to spur each other on to lose x amount in the next month - helps to keep it going, definitely. Stops the diet being too routine.

But... I think the main thing is all those people on facebook seeing that status "Jenny is wearing size 12 jeans" is a pretty good motivator...... hahaha xx
thankyou for all ur helpful replies. it definately feels different this time, i think its the support i get from all u, so thankyou for all your help.

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