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What keeps you on track of your diet ?


Strong women stay slim
Now , for some reason or another I find dieting easy for the first 3 weeks but then things start to change for me... they go down hill and i'm unsure why , but I need to find out how i'm going to deal with this , how do you tackle that problem , thats if you have that problem . At the end of the day what keeps you going on the diet ?
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for me, it really is saying *nothing feels better than slim feels, no food makes me feel good after, but when the scales go down i feel so good i could scream* ..

think thin and you will be thin!


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Iive got wk5 wi tonight and Ive not really had a problem sticking to it as I feel better and can see the weight coming off, at the moment thats enough to keep me motivated, I just keep thinking that I could be 10st by christmas and maybe have a little black party dress, sorry Im not much help.
Good luck hun, you can do it.xx


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For me this time is knowing that if I break my diet I may not get back on it again as I found it so very difficult to stay on the wagon once I let myself nibble.

Staying on is the shortest road in the long run.

When I find the going tough...reading others inspirational stories and seeing those who have stuck to their diet and doing so well helps give me strength to keep going.


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The sheer fact that I WILL and NEED to fit into my old size 10 clothes does it for me. I really hate myself and everything around me when I start carrying excess lbs and it's not a good feeling to have.

I have a picture of how I used to look 2yrs ago and I look at it every now and again to remind me why I am doing this diet.

Some people have events they are slimming down for, or to gain a better chance of conceiving etc.

I'm sure you'll do great :D

Good luck!!!


Strong women stay slim
Puting all your ideas down helps someone !!!! , Thanks guys


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This is my second time round on cd, i did it 2 years ago and stuck to ss for 6 weeks, i lost 3 1/2 stone. On my OT'S birthday night out i came of the siet sayin 2 myself its only one night, well that one bight turned out to be 2 years and i gained 5 1/2 STONE, so now i have just keep sayin 2 myself that this is it, i HAVE TO DO THIS, if i come of its gunna be another couple of years before i try and get myself back on it and it was sooooo much harder this time round than it was the first. Just think to yourself THIS IS NOT FOREVER! picture yourself how you wanna look and what people you know will say about how great you look and how great you will feel, be strong, i know its soo hard but you can do it. :)


This is the last time!!
My motivation is my son. He is starting school in September and I don't want him to be teased for having the fat mummy in the playground. It happened to me, my mum was 21 stone when I started school and the other kids were really unkind, I don't want my precious child feeling miserable because of me.
I also want to take him swimming and enjoy lots of sporty things with him, and not feel that I can't join in because people will sneer at me.

My short term goal at the moment is to have lost 3 stone by the time my hubby comes home on R & R at the end of August. I told him at the start that I was doing a different diet but refuse to tell him how much I am losing, I want him to look at me and think 'WOW!' as he steps off the plane.


This is the last time!!
P.S, I haven't had a 'bad day' yet but I am prepared for it!
On my 'treat cupboard' which is located next to the fridge I have made a big banner. In the middle it says 'Nothing tastes as good as being slim will feel' and then all around it I have written down things that losing weight will enable me to do, like wearing my engagement ring, wear nice clothes instead of anything that fits, and about our holiday to Florida in December.
I can see it all the while I am in the kitchen and it spurs me on.


Step away from the chips!
Seeing losses on the scales tends to be enough to keep me motivated on a week to week basis. Plus i love the body that re-emerging from under my layers of fat, the fact that i can buy clothes from regular shops, i love the feeling that i get inside when i talk to mum on the phone and tell her how i've done that week - the sound of pride and happiness in her voice makes me want to burst, and like Jabba my children also keep me motivated. They start pre-school in september and i dont want to be the fat mummy who cant run and play.
They're all little things i know but they are (usually ;)) enough to keep me on the straight & narrow path x
For me, it's how fast the weight comes off!
And my mum keeps trying to tempt me with food and I want to prove her wrong. :D

I love the feeling when someone says 'this won't do any harm...'
And I say 'I know, but I'm not going to have it anyway'.

That amount of self control I have gained keeps me going because when I say 'no' to food I feel so good about myself!


Strong women stay slim
Just been reading all the post's there and they all seem to be reason to keep you all going when things get hard . Hey Jabbathehut , your husband is going to be so shocked seeing you in aug , wow taht really is enough to keep you going girl ! Thanks to all of you for your thoughts , this will I guess be a page i'll come to at a point where I'm hearing the voices to say , come on just eat some it won't hurt .


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for me cheating may feel good for a couple of minutes but then the guilt and self loathing kicks in and its never worth that feeling xx
When I want to stray I go look at myself naked in the mirror. I really look and think if I was a man, would i want me? Then I think to myself, if i need an operation, would i survive (this one due to me possibly having to have an op soon)? And then i look at my daughter, who has accepted every excuse under the sun for me not to do stuff with her. Thats enough for me. Good luck!
I found SS really difficult and now find it much easier on 810. Knowing that I will have a meal each day makes it easier to not crave food, and start picking.

And if I need to motivate myself, look at some pictures of me before starting CD and find I never want to go near that fridge again!

Dee x
my gf is really super suportive of me on this diet and so are my kids...and i think ive said this before but i have a 16 year old boy with downs who always asks me every year to go ice skating on his birthday, and my 11 year old has always wanted to go snowboarding :rolleyes: and this year im going to damn well do it! :D

diddy x
my gf is really super suportive of me on this diet and so are my kids...and i think ive said this before but i have a 16 year old boy with downs who always asks me every year to go ice skating on his birthday, and my 11 year old has always wanted to go snowboarding :rolleyes: and this year im going to damn well do it! :D

diddy x
what a great incentive diddy !! look forward to the pics of you on that snowboard / skates :)

Debz x

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