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What keeps you sane??


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Not practical tips with food I'm afraid but what helped me get through was the thought that I COULD eat what I fancied if I wanted to, but as CD was costing me around £38-42 a week, if I did, I would probably not lose that week and therefore I would have to extend the length of time I was on SS by another week. Therefore, the 'treat' had just cost me forty odd quid for that extra week. It did help.....


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The fact I really don't want to this longer than necessary! I want to get it all off then enjoy myself! Also the cost thing and trying to fit in a wedding dress by sept!
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Keep busy, thats the best thing, then you havnt got time to think about the food your missing, and before you know it the days gone and you fell great and achieved more than you would have done on a normal day! Also last time i did this diet i found mixing up the soups with a little water and spreading it on baking paper and putting it in the mocrowave for a few minutes to make a big crisp helped for those evenings I needed to munch rather than drink shakes x

I'm white knuckling it tonight because I want to eat to stuff some feelings. Instead, I posted on the very support last stoners thread and played with my worksheet that shows how far I have come. The weeks I have done I have bolded and this time tomorrow I'll have completed 10 weeks. I don't want to throw away all my hard work. I have between 8 and 13 pounds to go. No point stopping now.

I had the same feeling as boardwitless about eating. Risking not losing weight wasn't worth it and even if I got away with it at the beginning I may not at the end. I'm on my third time this time and it's been the slowest weight loss I've had. I never never never want to go through this again so there's my motivation for sticking to it.

Trying on clothes helps a lot too!


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What keeps me going is the thought of being healthy and looking and feeling great!! I work with food, have 3 kids and my other half is a chef so I am surrounded!!

When I started my journey I wrote myself a list of mini goals and also a list of reasons why I am doing this!! They are firmly stuck inside the "goodies" cupboard!! I now have 12 lbs to go and only 4 more mini goals to tick off (I started with about 15)!!

Good luck xxx


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The only thing which really keeps me going was thorough research what EXACTLY happening with my body while remaining in ketosis.
It did opened my eyes...Understanding that by one lil slip I would reverse from fat-fuel to carb-fuel and then having to induce this process over and over again made any temptation really not so tempting anymore...


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Chucking every item of slightly big clothing away and buying the next size down ALWAYS kept me going!!!

I HAD to stay 'good' or i'd have had nothing....and i mean NOTHING to wear..this included underwear lol

Im still doing this now even though my weight is now 'stable' but i will NOT buy anything bigger than what i have now (10 bottoms) ..its helping me BIG time!

Also....as above.... every 'cheat' is worth around £40..... rather expensive cheat if you ask me lol

Keeping busy though is THE best solution....keeping the brain active and out of the kitchen..


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Hey just wanted to say brilliant thread.... everything i do has already been mentioned but deffo the expense and telling myself that cheating is cheating myself!!


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I come and post on here or I play about with my spreadsheet which works out my body fat percentage, total weight lost etc

Another good tip is - I turn on the holiday channel and think about what I'm going to look like when I go on holiday (which is in 6 weeks :))


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sounds really vain but it's all about how i look to me and my confidence. I've always been bigger and had to wear what fits as opposed to what i like. got a project going of finding new styles and making an outfit scrap book so when i hit my goal i can properly re-invented myself on te outside to reflect who i really am! so things like forcing myself to look in a full length mirror and photos is all the motivation i need!

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