What made you gain weight?

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by truckerlad, 31 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    As title says really.

    for me it would be partly to a less active lifestyle been a HGV driver last 3 years so not much exercise at work lol. How ever I would blame the gain on the rubbish I was eating and also boozing heavy on a weekend with friends:D:D

    My mains foods that done the "damage" I think are......

    coca cola
    fry ups

    so what are yours that you will avoid from now on...
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  3. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    My friend left town and so there was no reason to leave my apartment, so I stay home and eat fries and ice cream.
    But trying really hard to break that habit.
  4. pup

    pup Member

    this is hard one as i been large all my life apart so i can't say why just say i think food is a friend but its not
  5. 11StoneTarget

    11StoneTarget Full Member

    Hi Truckerlad,

    For me it is eating bad food and drinking lot at the weekend. I have always been quite healthy during the week but my weekends are horrendous!;)

    My main vices are...

    chips and cheese

    I find alcohol the hardest to avoid as weekends do tend to revolve around social drinking.
  6. valentine

    valentine miss yo yo

    hiya dont be suprised if this thread gets moved cos ya not meant to talk about the F word in this TS bit.....

    the reason i gained weight was cos i kept stuffing stuff in the hole in the middle of my face and didnt exercise xx
  7. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    Lol love the brutal honesty valentine :)

    Yeah drinking is my main one I reckon got 2 party's go this month whilst on ts should be fun lol

    Gd luck all
  8. valentine

    valentine miss yo yo

    lol Trucker at my heaviest i was 21st 7lb... and it dont matter how ya dress it up it still comes back to the same thing.. too much food and not enough movement... dont get me wrong i know there are people who eat for all different reasons or have injurys etc..

    i could have pulled the injury card as i have a crumbling spine and 2 major ops on it so far ... but its a plain and simple fact i loved eating and hated exercise ... not a good mix lol x x x
  9. Le5ley

    Le5ley Full Member

    I've not quite got down to the bottom of that yet:rolleyes:. I know I eat more when I'm stressed or unhappy... And food wise, it's pretty much all beige food, so anything filled with sugar and not in any way good for you... Combine too much of that with an office job and not really moving around much and it adds up to 23st 6.5lbs!!! I'm getting there. Dropped into the 19stone bracket this morning, but still a long way to go...
  10. 11StoneTarget

    11StoneTarget Full Member

    Well done Le5ley!!! Great weight loss!

  11. pup

    pup Member

    o lesley great job on the weight lost so far ...

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