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What makes an off topic thread off topic?

I know that this is such a post but.....

Just been reading Ninja's post in the off topic section about her new dress, the fact that she could try lots of different ones on and that she had gone from a size 22. This thread was moved to the off topic section.

As this was an inspirational post, should it be in the main section? Also a post on what your inspiration is is in the Off topic section.

I understand that things like Strictly, X Factor, Shower pouffs etc should be in there but what about these sort of posts?

Starlight - could you let us know please hun? Think we are getting a bit confused as to what to post where!! :D
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Good post! I'm confused too as I posted about body magic and Davina DVD which I didn't feel was off topic as it was about body magic....


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I was the shower pouff poster (hangs head in shame lol), should have taken a closer look as to where to post. But I agree, posts about losing dress sizes really should be in the main section.
Oh i didn't realise my inspiration post had been moved either, now i'm confused.com.....lol


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I'm glad others are confused, I thought it was just me...lol.

The other day when my post was moved I thought I'd dreamt up typing it....lol, I couldn't find it.


I will succeed!!!
I agree! I personally feel that ANYTHING relating to our journey should be in the main section - plan advice, support, celebration and body image. Ok, so maybe 'wow this new lipbalm is ace' threads shouldn't be, but useful information, advice, tips and inspiration should be 'out there' so to speak.

Then again, are the OT threads for members only? As in search engines don't pick them up? If so, everyone should consider this if it's something they want to be kept 'quiet' too???

Good post hun x
I just remembered i made a Tuesday WI thread last week that i thought I imagined typing, and it was in the OTsection !?!, eh??? X
Ok I DIDNT move that one, Im not taking the blame for that one ;)

TBH its a learning curve, there are no hard and fast rules, as a general rule anything not directly connected to SW should be in the OT section. But as with everything else in Minimins, were open to suggestions and ALWAYS take on board what people want.

The sub forums were created because people felt the main section was so busy it was really hard to get through the posts and see what people were saying about diet issues, which is the main part of the forum. It can be hard to draw a definitive line under what goes where, what one person sees as on topic someone else wont.

If you see a thread moved that you dont think should be - drop me a PM :) It takes literally a couple of seconds to move a thread so its no problem to get it to another section.
Thanks Sandy, I appreciate it's a new thing and I think posters need to be a bit more aware of the sub forums but the syn value thing has been around for ages and people are still not using it.

My personal opinion is that the inspirational type ones should be in the main forum and those which would normally have been preceeded with an O/T should be in the Off Topic section, the random ones and gossipy type ones!!

Like you said, it's a learning thing and I do like the O/T section!

Thanks very much.

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