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What motivates you?

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WOW well i just took pics and omg i feel sick! Looking at them in disgust is one way too put it i suppose.

I have my wedding and honeymoon too look forward too and also a friends wedding this year and next and also a meet up with some friends in march so i need too be able too look back at pics and enjoy them!

So what motivates you? I know looking at these pics will me. x
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I will never give up
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Yep spending time looking in the mirror gives me the creeps so that keeps me going.


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.............I am motivated by how good it feels to be successful at something. It is great to not feel full & bloated all of the time and to have energy everyday. It feels good to be in control..................well most of the time anyway!!!!!!xxxx
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Right now Im motivated by the fact that I now look in the mirror or at pictures of me and I look normal. Im no longer looking and thinking how disgustingly huge I am and avoiding cameras all the time. So I now cant wait until I look in the mirror or at a picture and think how slim I look.

It was helped by the fact that I was talking about my weight loss in work yesterday (just started working there a couple of months ago) and they were all stunned when I told them how huge I was back in May coz they said I dont look as if Ive ever been that big. :D


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I am motivated when I feel happy and know that I am loved regardless of my weight or shape. When I am battling depression and feeling as if I am of no use to anybody and thinking I'm an ugly wench, I have NO motivation.

The other things that motivates me is when the number on the scale is smaller than it was yesterday! Also, visual presentations such as the tickers I see on others' signatures are motivating for me since I'm a "visual learner." :)

A good question for discussion!
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all you wonderful people on minimins motivate me. if i am down then i guarantee someone here will pick me up. your all fabulous
we can do this together ;)
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I am motivated when I see changes in the right direction... I don't know why but when I've been good and losing weight, I seem to be more motivated in other areas of my life too. Just makes you feel good all round


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I think my main motivation at the moment for losing weight is my daughter. She's just 15 months old and eats really well at the moment. I really don't want to pass on to her the bad habits and weight problems that I've had. I'm determined to lose the weight and then to be able to join in sensible family meals with her.
My dream is that she won't ever have the weight problem that I've got - I know I don't have total control over that, but I'm hoping that I can be a good role model, rather than 'eat as I say not as I do'

In the summer there were a couple of pictures of me with her, and I hate how I look. I wanted to change that, as she means the world to me and I want to enjoy seeing pictures of me with her, not cringe or cry.

As someone else has said, I think it helps that I'm not depressed at the moment (I was a few years ago, and that's really hard) I feel content with who I am and am happy being me; which makes it easier for me to now change the things I want to change (that probably sounds a bit contradictory, but hopefully you know what i mean).
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Bless you all, I read your motivators and they tick every box for me. I am always at my most motivated when I have had a good day, it make me feel empowered and like I CAN do it!

And when I feel blue I find one of your guys that is having a good day and that motivates me too!


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what motivates me ...

I want to be skinny again like I used to be.
I dont want to look like a whale laying by the pool on holiday this coming year!
I dont want to die young from an obesity disease.
I want to have photos of me so that the kids can remember me by - right now I am not in any photos (well none that anyone sees)
I want to wear the gorgeous clothes that are int he shops - all of them, I love the current trends.
I want - sounds really selfish but you know its time for me to be selfish, this is about me now.

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