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What motivates you?


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I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about what motivates us - what gets you through when you're having a bad day? What non-food rewards or incentives do you use? I love looking at the different signatures that people have, with their mini goals.

I love having fresh flowers in the house but I rarely buy them. I decided that I'm going to get a bunch every week after my meeting - but only if I've had a loss.
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Wow I love your flowers idea!!! Was just telling the bf that when we move into our house we have to have flowers! But that is just great! Defo stealing that idea!! :)

I am going to give myself a treat at every 5lbs (as per signature!). If anything it's just to get me back on track as I've really lost motivation recently (moved back in with parents and not with bf :( so finding it tough going atm).

It'll be really interesting finding out about others' motivational tips!


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Steal away! :D As long as you don't break into my house and actually steal my flowers... Then we'd have to have words.

I like your idea of treating yourself at every 5lbs lost. What type of treats are you going to give yourself?

Another thing I do, which isn't really a motivational thing, it's more of a 'stopping me from snacking thing' is to do my nails in the evening. That's the worst time of the day for me, when I just want to sit in front of the TV and eat rubbish. If I do my nails, I'm doing something to replace the snacking and it makes me feel good about myself as well.
I hadn't really thought about it before but now you have me thinking, I have a pandora bracelet....maybe I should buy myself a charm for every stone that I loose? then it would be a reminder for when I start to find things getting tougher and weight is coming off slower, I can look at my wrist and see what I have achieved so far. So far the charms I have on it are silver or silver and gold so I could start getting the glass ones as my stone markers. Thanks for the idea!


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Lovetosew, that's a brilliant idea. If I had a charm bracelet, I think I'd do the same.

My next mini-reward (apart from the flowers) is to buy myself a book I've been wanting for a while, but only when I've achieved my half stone again. I've gained and restarted the plan since then, so it won't be an official half stone award but it will be half a stone lost since I first started if that makes any sense? I have 2.5lbs to go until I get there.
My motivation is my holiday with my best friend, Katie, in September.
We are going away to Benidorm for a week all-inclusive, and it's our first holiday away without our parents - MEGA excited!! :D

At home I have a money box, the kind that can only be opened with a tin opener. On the top of the tin I have written "Holiday Clothes Fund", and for every lb I lose at Slimming World I gain £1 into my fund.

I love shopping - especially for holiday clothes - so it really keeps me pushing myself :)
and the best thing about holiday clothes is they don't need to be amazing quality, you can spend it up big in primani! you're going to have a fantastic time!

Blaze...which book are you after? btw I think the flowers idea is fab too, I love it when the daffs come into the shops because you can have fresh flowers every week for £1!


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It's the latest one in the Sookie Stackhouse series that the TV show True Blood is based on. After that, there's a new Bill Bryson book I want. I think I'll make books my treat at every half stone loss, I like the sound of that.

A £1 for 1lb! Brilliant! If I had spare cash I'd make that my overall incentive so I could have a big spend at goal.


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Im wanting a manicure, pedicure and then buy things for the house.

Id love to find something that didn't cost money though, as I am going to have none soon! Any ideas?

I do the painting my nails in the evening too to stop snacking! Also my diet coke regularly (probably too regularly) keeps me motivated, as especially in the summer I'd rather have a cold can than choc or sweets!!


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I usually have a gift from my fella at each stone award.....so i am 4.5lbs away from my next one :D woop!

I find that my fast approaching wedding and a too small bridal gown are more than enough to keep me on the straight (ish) and narrow.



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Hannahkw1, how about a pamper evening? You could treat yourself to an uninterrupted bath with candles, a do-it-yourself facial, etc. Use what you've got at home but give yourself the time to really feel special and use loads of products.

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I'm loving the flowers idea!!!!!

For me my biggest motivation is the fact that my clothes are getting looser so I always look forward to going shopping for the next size down. In the beginning I used to treat myself to a nice new (impractical) pair of shoes for each stone which really spurred me on if I had spotted a pair I liked :D I'm definately pinching the flower idea though :D


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Pamper evening sounds good! But will have to wait until I move home (staying with my parents until end of July)

I'd love a wedding dress to be my inspiration!! lol doesn't look like that's happening any time soon though! Moving house is expensive enough!!!
The thought of walking down the street while feeling confident, catching a glimpse of myself in a window and it reinforcing my confidence rather than making me feel like **** again. I know its sad, but still :)


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The thought of walking down the street while feeling confident, catching a glimpse of myself in a window and it reinforcing my confidence rather than making me feel like **** again. I know its sad, but still :)
Why do you think that's sad? I think that's a brilliant incentive - it's what keeps YOU going, never mind what anyone else might think. :)


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What keeps me going is that Mr Boo is doing this diet too. We both have health issues which would be helped by losing weight, Mr Boo has more health issues too, so I won't go off track because if I do, Mr Boo might, so I stay on track and so does Mr Boo, its worked well so far. Boo xx


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Bumping this thread because I want to hear more people's motivations, and little non-food rewards.

It was WI for me today and because I had a loss, I kept my promise to myself and bought a bunch of flowers. I have them in a vase in my living room now and I love them - every time I look over at them it makes me think 'I earned them'. :)
My motivation is that I can now fit into size 10 shorts for my hols shortly, just want to lose a bit more tum to look nice in my maxi dresses and holiday clothes. 2 weeks to lose 4 lbs, hmmmmmmmmm dont think so but am still in the zone!

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