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What next?

Hi everyone.
Well after weeks of SSing and bingeing and SSing and bingeing I've finally accepted that SSing is no longer for me.
It's a wonderful diet if you can 100% and its seen me wave goodbye to almost 3 stone, which I'm hugely thankful for.
Unfortunatley over the past 2 weeks I've struggled like never before but have kept going back to it telling myself that I can't get losses to match it on any other diet.
Well over the last fortnight I've lost a grand total of 3/4 of a lb! And it cost me nearly 70 quid!
After a lot of soul searching I've reached the decision that I can't put myself or my family through it anymore. I have the most supportive husband in the world and he has the patience of a saint, even I would have divorced me by now!
I'm either going to do Atkins for a while or cambridge with food but I'm a bit confused.
My CDC never gave me a booklet explaining the plans and I don't know the difference between 790 and 810 (not much I'm guessing ). Do I have 2 shakes a day plus a meal or 3? Can I have salad leaves or just green veg? Will I continue to lose weight or just maintain?
Sorry for all the questions but I really have to make a final decision while I still have a little of my mojo left!
Any advice much appreciated.
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Hi there,

In my booklet that I have 790 isn't in there. I posted a thread a while back about 810 and listed everything allowed, maybe have a search for it.

I'm doing 810 and I still lose weight but it will probably kick you out of ketosis. You don't maintain on 810 as it still a low calorie diet.

I'm sure someone who knows more will be along shortly, but also I want to wish you luck with whatever you decide to do!!
Sue - waiting for a client - so will post quickly now - and more later!

790/810 same plan, slightly more milk!

If you PM me your address will post you out a yellow book if you want one - or ask your CDC for one she should have given you one.

B xxx
Thanks for the quick replies guys.
What are your losses like compared to SSing Penny? I'll do a search for your post on 810, thanks.
Thanks for your offer to post a booklet out Beverley, but if its really that simple theres no need to put you to the trouble!
One more question (for now anyway ) can I still have the bars, water flavouring etc.
Yes you can still have bars and flavouring ect.

The only difference between the 790 (old plan that was changed to 810 beginning of this year) is 54ml of smimmed milk to make up the extra 20 cals

Weight loss on the 810 is roughly 2lb-4 difference a month but alot of people find that their losses are greater than this.

cdc norwich
My losses have never been huge either, probably one of the reasons I can't sustain it.
I would love to lose another stone before I go on holiday at the end of August, even half a stone would help so 3 a week would be great, but I could live with 2. My biggest fear is losing control completley and putting loads of weight back on before I go.