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  1. bigbluefurrymonster

    bigbluefurrymonster Full Member

    Hi... I have lost two stone so far and am very happy with the results thus far...

    However I have been thinking that I would rather lose the weight more gradually- more conventionally, also allowing me to combine it with more strenuous exercise.

    I have felt deprived of food on SS and would like to learn to control my portions.... I also want to give my skin enough chance to shrink with my loss. Also I want to stop messing around with my metabolism and have energy dips throughout the day.

    I know that if all goes wrong I can always go back to SSing as I know it works for me.

    So really my questions are....
    What do you think?

    and... Is the 790 plan a good idea?? how much weight can I expect to lose on this. Will I remain in ketosis or is this only caused when SSing

    or the 1000 plan??

    I want this diet to work for me and ease me back into eating slowly without the need to have the occassional binge.

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  3. bigbluefurrymonster

    bigbluefurrymonster Full Member

    Also... I have been thinking about the idea of maybe just having a cambridge shake for brekky...

    and then a salad for lunch

    and a small dinner (ie chicken and veg)

    Still not including and starchy foods in my diet.

    I know I would need to take vitamins to ensure I get all the goodness I need ;)

    And I recently kicked myself out of ketosis... so please bare that in mind when you make any recommendations/voice ur opinions!
  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    On step two 790 kcal which is similar to AAM exept that you have three Cambridge meals and you increase your portions...instead of 3 oz of of chicken you increase it to 6 oz...or 8 oz portion of fish, quorn or tofu..

    These can accompanied by 3 tbsp white or green veggies cooked or raw such as the non starchy ones like cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, courgettes or cucumber.

    Addictional allowance of 1/2 pint skimmed milk is also allowed.

    You also continue to drink 4 pints of water and as much unsweetened black tea or black coffee as wished.

    You should in theory be able to stay in ketosis on this if you are working out and because of the higher protein and calories you should build muscle as well.

    The ketosis sticks would come in very handy for you to measure this...the skimmed milk is the one I feel that might throw you out of ketosis as some people are very sensitive to it.

    On step 3 you introduce fruit and more carbs in the line of pasta, noodles rice, and wholewheat....

    Well these will bring you out of ketosis for sure.

    With three CD meals you know your getting all your vitamins and nutrients so you should not really need much more than that as you can overdo the vitamins.

    It is a bit of trial and error.:rolleyes:

    Love Mini xxx
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  5. bigbluefurrymonster

    bigbluefurrymonster Full Member

    Thanks for the in depth reply! Very useful!

    Any idea how much weight I can expect to be losing on the 790/1000 plans? I am a little scared of coming off of SS as obviously it has worked- but I never wanted to stay on SS for a long period time.

    I was thinking of staying on SS til Xmas and then trying one of te other CD plans.... I thought this was a good idea a I would be 13 1/2- 14 stone by then. Although I have found I really miss food!! And because I feel restricted I tend to eat the wrong things when I do! I just thought that if I introduced good foods to my diet it might stop the urge to eat the bad ones??

    I am also sick of the Cambridge products :( though I havent tried making things out of the packs yet... ie biscuits.

    Just wondered what you all think on my little situation ;)
  6. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    I think you're approaching it really sensibly and as you've realised you don't have to SS and can follow other plans still within the Cambridge Diet. 790 is still a low calorie diet and as Mini says you could stay in Ketosis. From my own personal experience, I struggled on 790 as it took me out of Ketosis and I felt tired and hungry for the couple of weeks I did it, as soon as I upped my cals to 1000 I felt much better and enjoyed having a bit more to eat, but knew I was still getting essential vitamins etc with my pack, as 1000 cals per day is still quite low. I was in my last ½ stone by then, so my weight loss slowed right down, but still averaged between 1-2 lbs per week, yours should be higher if you've still a bit to go.

    My advice would be to move back up the plans until you find what sits well with you & suits your lifestyle. Do a week or two of AAM, then 790, then 1000 and stop when it feels right for your body and you're still losing. I would think if you're working out, you'll still have good weekly losses on 1000.

    Its much better to move to a higher plan that makes you happy than get fed up & miserable with SS and end up blowing it.

    Let us know what you decide to do & best of luck with it.
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  7. bigbluefurrymonster

    bigbluefurrymonster Full Member

    Thanks for your advice MadamDolly... love the avatar! sooo cute!

    I started at 17st 5 and am now 15 st 5... My target weight is 11 stone-ish. So still a long way to go!
  8. chelle_powell

    chelle_powell We ride, we ride....

    Hi Hun!

    I know what u mean, I've been feeling the same :)
    Let us know what u decide to do hun.

    Wishing u loads of luck on ur journey.

    Much love, chelle xx
  9. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    It might be worth having a go at making some things from the packs, it does add a lot of interest. People's tastes vary of course but I love the crisps (use vegetable soup) and muffins (I like them a bit soggy and hot - strange I know) and trifle.
    Lots of people seem to like 790 and it does seem a healthier plan, I know the packs have all the necessary nutrients I just feel that having some vegetables would improve life. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  10. Piper

    Piper Regular Member

    I'd try making some of the recipes - it really does add variety.

    Lynne x
  11. bigbluefurrymonster

    bigbluefurrymonster Full Member

    My Cambridge Counsellor has been dead funny about the idea of cooking the packs. She say it probably won't hurt once in a while... but when you cook the packs you cook the goodness (vitamins) out of them as the heat damages them.

    sooooo many people cook their packs tho?!!?

    She said... she can't understand why people cont just buy flour and stuff to make biscuits if they wanna eat biscuits... um?!!
  12. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    Don't forget with cal counting you can devise your own plan. When I was being good, which at present i am not, I was achieveing a steady 2-3lb weight loss a week on 1500 cals a day, often 1200-1400 during the week and a little more at the weekend. I added in a swim most days and that really made a difference. I went from 16.5 to 15.2 doing that and am now dithering but will defo do that plan again as you really can join in with life so long as you are organised. Just a thought!

  13. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Very good advice and it is finding out what each of us feel comfortable with...nothing wrose than blowing the diet completely...:( :mad:
  14. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    Your CDC is funny, we cook the packs cos we aren't allowed anything else. If Cambridge wanted they could produce crisps and biscuits as part of the diet to make it more interesting but I suppose they don't because the CDCs would have to carry more stock.
    I understood it to be OK to cook one pack a day. When I maike crisps I cook the whole pack and seal them in four separate bags so they stay really crispy. So that's only a quarter of a pack per bag.
  15. chelle_powell

    chelle_powell We ride, we ride....

    Hi Hun,

    Like everyone has said, u need to find a plan that suits u so that u can continue ur weightloss journey - I recently switched to the 790 plan and feel soo much better now. Whatever u decide, don't forget to keep posting hun!
    It doesn't matter what plan u decide to do inorder to finish ur journey.
    Big hugs!

    Much love, chelle xx
  16. bigbluefurrymonster

    bigbluefurrymonster Full Member

    Thanks for all your advice ;)

    Muchly apprecited
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