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What on earth is a scoop when its a home?!?!?!


is Special :P
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Just tried to make my first mix a mouse and the instructions on the bottle thing say add one level scoop to your shake............................

A LEVEL SCOOP OF WHAT??? A teaspoon.....a tablespoon.....some super-dooper cambridge scoop?????????

BTW my mousse didnt work so ........*Shrug*

Taz x
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Sometimes it is buried, have you had a dig around? If not, it is a 10 ml scoop, but I find I need more than the recommended level scoop
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Oh no, dodgy tub :(
Sure it would be the same as a heaped table spoon? May have to experiment a bit?

put the mixture in with the pack first and stir, then add the water blend well,..

hope it works out for you hun xx


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Use two teaspoons of mix a mousse if you haven't got a scoop. Also remember to mix the mousse powder with the shake powder first before adding that to 5fl oz of really cold water. Then whisk/blend til mixed and freeze for 10 minutes, eat within 5. That never fails me.


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Enjoy, they really are great. Toffee and Walnut with cinnamon or mixed spice added is great.

Also I really like the limited edition orange winter spice as a mousse. But any of them will do.


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Well it was last years Christmas limited edition. Orange Winter Spice also came out a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if the orderline has any left now, they only made 2000 boxes, something like that. So only some counsellors will have some left. Its not a huge seller like chocolate or chocolate velvet, but some people really like it.


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Yes that'll be a good one to have. Don't forget to freeze them. Wicked ice cream.


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Yes I have to admit I've gone from being someone who has then rock solid to someone who has them mushy instead.


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mine was buried when I had some, tbh I didn't like it.

Shake the tub around a bit and you might find it!


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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh cool.....my CDC never had that in......
I started last august......till christmas and then all went up in the air and im back again...........Cant wait for the strawberry tetra though....
Strawberry tetra - when! It'll make a nice change from choc tetra, don't like banana


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this is how i make mine.. cos im dead arsey.. and it cant have lumps in.. otherwise i throw up..
  1. get my water.. i usually use approx 3floz.. but i never measure.. cos ive been doing that long i just know.. lol..
  2. start the whizzer spinning..
  3. add a scoop of MAM (which tazzi me doll.. is usually found under the MAM so you might have a scoop.. its just hidden)..
  4. leave to whizz for 30 secs..
  5. add pack of choice gradually whilst still whizzing..
  6. leave to whiz for about 45-60 seconds..

x x

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