What on earth is mange trout?


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mange tout are underdeveloped peas in peapods but are very very flat you get them in lots of stir frys and you eat all of it.

Dont get them mixed up with sugar snap peas these again you eat all but they are more sugary and carby.



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and where do I find it in the supermarket?

The lemon chicken stirfry recipe for 1500 calls for mange trout, is it a fish? vegetable? mineral?


It's a veg!! (below taken from waitrose site)

From the French words mange (meaning eat) and tout (meaning all), the flat pods of mange tout are eaten whole. They are actually young peas still in the pod and picked before they have a chance to develop.
Seasonal availability: All year.
Uses: Delicious blanched and tossed in salad dressing, or steamed or stir-fried and served hot, they are extremely versatile. They can also be eaten raw in salads.
To store: Best eaten fresh, they can be kept in the fridge for a day.
To prepare: Top and tail the pods. Leave whole or slice, according to your recipe.
To cook: Cook in a steamer for 5-10 minutes or stir-fry until they are tender but still have some 'bite'. They can also be boiled in salted water for 2 minutes.


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Mange tout are lovely and crunshy and sweet. I adore them raw ... or I used to. :)


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I often have them for a snack. I prefer them very lightly steamed.


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I laughed at this, mange trout rofpmsl!!

You will deffo find it, its usually with the baby sweetcorn x


I should think you'd find them, but I don't know what shopping is like in IoM. If not then try using french beans, they might need steaming lightly before going into the stir fry as they take slightly longer to cook.


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MMMMM Mange tout. You'll find them easily enough. Go to a large supermarket and ask a friendly assistant.
They are lovely and well worth the hunt for them. :)

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I thought the spelling mistake was in the CD book & you were taking the pi** - I was laughing to myself thinking nobody else got the joke!!!!

Still chuckling - Nicky