What scales have you got?


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I too have the WW one that do your fat monitor, water, percentage etc and can be personalised for about 4-5 people I think!
They are good, as long as you use the same spot in my dining room. If you need a morale boost, I use mine on the carpet in the lounge and I immediately drop about 4 stone LOL


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Hi Lou

Hi there Louisa,

good for you for getting back in the right frame of mind and gearing yourself up to get back on the wagon....you will do great honey.

I have the ww scales......dont actually know what they go up too, but wanted them cos they did half pounds. They are really accurate.
I have got another pair that do the fat and water % but could never really get to grips with them(they were a freeby from OH's work!)

look forward to having you back on the boards

Hugs Lou X


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Mine are Rosemary Conley ones. They look good and do the fat %, water content thing ... but I don't know why I bothered getting such flash ones - I only ever use the weighing facility!


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I also have a pair of WW ones as I wanted the half pound measure. I mean every half counts in my world :)