What seasoning can I use


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Have you tried bouillon - I sprinkle it over the veggies and chicken or quorn and bake - or kind of stew it in a liquid version

Also try the soups made up as a sauce - the chick/mush, mush and cheese and broc work well - make to custard consistency and nuke in microwave for 1 min and pour over meat, mmm

Also cajun spices, and various other spices are often mentioned on here - I don't use them but I am sure they are nice

good luck xx


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I use the salt free schwartz (think thats the name) herbs and spices which are a god send. Don't know what it's like on quorn but I use it on tuna and chicken and it's yummy!


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You can use any herb or spice so long as there is no sugar or salt added to them. I use Cayenne Pepper alot. You can have up to a teaspoon a day. x


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i deffo recommend cajun spices on chicken. Sprinkle it on raw chicken breast and grill till the spices go almost black .... it is heaven


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Hey have you tried the spice mills... I have a Hot chilly grinder and an all purpose grinder.... they are brilliant