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what sends a shiver down your spine?


Can you just clarify in which way? - do you mean in a good way, and "exciting way or a scary way?

Not wanting to incriminate myself on this one!

What are you watching?
yes a good shiver, not a "scared out of your whits" shiver..
and no, not a dirty shiver either :)

I was watching a "musical" on the telly and the some of the songs in it cause a shiver to run over the entire surface of my body and makes all my hair stand on end for some reason... goosebumps..
there are several songs that do it for me too...


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A massage, that's the only thing.

A bad shiver is late at night (usually) when I've watched a scary film or something, and my cat is sitting staring intently at thin air. That creeps me right out.


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I always get good shivers when I hear the music from Les Miserables...particularly Bring Him Home and Drink With Me :) Also whenever I hear This Is The Moment from Jekyll & Hyde...I love musicals!! :D:D

Also get shivers every time I hear Katherine Jenkins sing Abide With Me and every time I hear Josh Groban sing Oh Holy Night (my all time favourite Christmas song btw :))

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I always get very emotional (good shivers) when the Welsh sing their national anthem especially at the Millenium Stadium - I spent 3 amazing years there at uni and loved the place, the people! OH always laughs at me - I'll well up in the pub, at home, wherever I hear it!

Amazing Grace does it to me too! xx


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Rick Astley's voice!! the man could sing humpty dumpty and i'd be in awe quite frankly.......a truly stunning voice.

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