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what setting do u have ur slendertone on?


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Hi Lisa,

How long have you been doing slendertone for? If you are just pretty new those settings sound about right to me...

Mine settings are around:-

Abs Start about 50 and work it up to about 69 throughout the session.

Arms about 30

Shorts - Dont get me started - I have a whole frigging hassle to sort out as they sent me the wrong shorts :( Raging...

As far as I know the best thing to do with any of the systems is to start it off comfortably and then after a while up the setting a little bit.

Nic does her belt at 99 - Im wonder woman and I havent got anywhere near to that - I think Nic is the Bionic woman or something....

happy zapping



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i ahve only been doing it a week!! so i will up it by 5 on all of em tomorrow

thanks juls - how was the wedding? get posting woman!!!!! :D


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99 :D

I'm Chuck bleedin Norris solid, me :D


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trust howdy to mention the word 'solid' ....typical ;)


Says it as it is!!!
99 belt, 99 shorts, 48 arms OUCH!!!! 99 Mini xx x BUT, i have had it for a few months now!! Work up hun.... try pushing your self until you really cant take it every session and you will climb steadily x x
Love ya the bionic woman hahahahaha xx
Also if you do something else while wearing them you don't realise they are there!
belt 99, mini 99, arms 60 (sometimes!).... I am lion hear me roar !


Says it as it is!!!
Chuff me 60...how???
You just earned the title of bionic woman hun hehehe xx


Says it as it is!!!
heheehe wonder why it hurts sooooo much..madness...must admit this is the one i use least!!!
Georgie have you noticed a difference since using them? :)

Yes noticed a difference on my abs and arms, not so much on my bum though. I haven't used them as I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks and tummy definately looks wobblier again!

99 abs..from day 1!!! Arms...oh i give up..30 max... horrible damn things!!!

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