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What shall i do? HELP!


Slimming for my children
Right ok.
Went on holiday last week and didnt stick to it at all.
I think i have put on about half a stone but thats to be expected.
I am more than ready to go back on the programme but i am out tonight with my boyf for his birthday.
I want to have a drink to celebrate so theres no questions there.
But I dont know whether to start the packs again today and just go out for a drink tonight?
Start the packs and have something to line my stomach before i go out as i dont want to be sick.
Or just start tomorrow afresh?
I have weigh in on Wednesday so can possibly at least loose 4lbs by wed evenings weigh in. I know i'll have the weight off quick as i have lost the weight really quick so far but it goes on just as fast with me! :(

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I would definitely start afresh tomorrow, no point SSing all day then drinking tonight cos obviously you won't get back in the pink and I doubt any lbs would drop. Plus you probably wouldn't feel too great drinking on an empty stomach.

Enjoy yourself, make the most of it and DO NOT feel guilty.:)
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Personally, I would start packs properly tomorrow. It won't hurt to have packs today, because they will give you minerals and vitamins so that's always a good thing.

As far as eating is concerned I would try to avoid the carbs and eat protein type meals (chicken and salad for example).

Not much help, but this is what I would do. Hope you have a great night xxx


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without seeming harsh, you signed up for LL knowing that 100 day of abstinence, many members have had holidays and abstained.
Cheating whilst in foundation is thought, its ok I can get straight back on the packs, BUT as many members have advised before, it is NOT easy second time as you crave food.

The fact you didnt abstain on holiday, and now have a dilemma 'shall I just enjoy BF's birthday drink and now think, well I might as well start tomorrow is evidence enough that its not going to be that easy, and you will have to be strong NOT to have a 'jolly' when an occasion arises.

Sorry If I sound a bit harsh, but there have been other members who bitterly regret cheating in foundation.

Good Luck for the rest of your weight loss journey though.



Slimming for my children
thanks for the quick answers. Its kind of what i was thinking too as no point in wasting the packs i spose.
I am actually looking forward to going back on the programme. I am a sicko! lol
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I agree with you Sun you do sign up for abstinence, and when I did LL I was the model pupil. I did Foundation and Development all 100% and lost 6 stone. I love LL but the one thing that it doesn't teach you is that there is a real world out there and you have to learn to live in it.

In my LL bubble everything was rosy but abstinence forever is not the reality. There will always be something to test us along the way, and I found that LL didn't really give me the tools to cope with food because in Foundation food is such a dirty word. I did well in LL beause of my LLC and my group. I possibly could have stuck to any programme with such a good support system. When I moved house and lost my support system everything just crumbled.

I'm not saying you should eat but I am now on CD and I must admit I am not 100%, and I am still losing weight (5.4lbs last week). I am about 99.9% and don't give myself a hard time when I do make a conscious decision to eat (or drink - had a couple of G&Ts Wednesday night). And that is what I must make clear, I am making these decisions in adult mode because I am responsible for myself.

And I must also agree that once you fall off the wagon it is harder to get back on. I struggled with the concept of "cheating" for a long time - beating myself up because something had passed my lips and that was forbidden. Once I reconciled myself with the fact that it really didn't make me a bad person then I was able to move on, accept what was done and start again and keep on going.

I'm glad that you are enjoying the packs and have a good day whatever you decide xxx

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