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What shall I order

I am been weighed tomorrow and was wondering what to order.

Lat time I had - vanilla, strawberry and cho shakes. Pot and leek & broccoli and cheese and the 2 types of porride.

I only ended up enjoying the choc and strawberry! So can you please reccomend something nice? I know we all have different tastes but I would love to hear you suggestions.
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If you fancy a hot drink you could try the Cappucino, or my dh likes the Toffee & Walnut.

Can't stand any soups personally, but know some people like the mushroom or chicken & mushroom.

Just try one of each, so it is not too terrible if you don't like it!

Good luck with your weigh in.



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Everyone's tastes are different. I personally do not like leek and potato or cheese and broccoli, but I love chilli, vegetable and chicken and mushroom soup. You are allowed to add chilli flakes and maybe curry powder to liven up the taste if you want.

I enjoy most shakes, all of them except the choc. orange. I had a toffee and walnut today and it has been so long since I had that flavour I had forgotten how much I like it lol. I like strawberry, banana, choc mint, chocolate, fruits of the forest - some hot, some freezing cold. I only like chocolate tetra, strawberry at a push but it is very bitter and dont like banana at all.

I love mix a mousse but, together with the bars, you are not allowed until week 3.


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As you say, everyone has different tastes so what I did was decide to try everything at least once. Although I'm only on my 3rd day, the only one I haven't been keen on so far is the Fruits of the Forest shake- it's OK but not 1 I'd really choose again. My personal favs so far are the Butterscotch and Toffee & Walnut shakes and the Oriental Chilie soup. I'm looking forward to trying everything over the next week or so.

As you have already have a few that you prefer, perhaps buy more packets of those as you know you like them?



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i am taking back my chick/mush soup it was ok for 2 days then i hated it
banana, vanilla and butterscotch are my fave 250ml of water and four ice cubes make them lovely and thick
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Chocolate mint! Its BEAUTIFUL. haha.. got rather excited when i tried it. Love the oriental chilli soup also with extra chilli. :) x


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I always have choc mint & cappuccino shakes - I make them up cold with extra ice and they are just delish! I also have chocolate and toffee bars, occasionally I have the peanut bar but I prefer the chewy ones. I quite like the apple & cinnamon porridge too. I can't bear the soups so never order them. It's all trial & error and most CDC's will exchange unopened packs if necessary.


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the cappacino is lovely wizzed up with loads of ice and loads of water! Its like a frappacino (sp?) from starbucks! YUM!!!!
I like the strawberry, banana, butterscotch, choc mint and then the chick and mush soups....
I have no complaints! Love CD!!!!


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choc mint!! My CDC was running low the last time I went so only got a few this week, will be getting more on Thurs though!!


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thank the lord i have got rid of those yukky chick/mush soups i swopped them for butterscotch mmmmmmmmmmm

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