What Should Counsellors Expect Of Their Clients?


I've read a lot of posts on here about what clients should expect of their counsellors, what a counsellor's conduct should be like etc and it seems that, quite rightly, clients expect high standards from their counsellors and when things go wrong, they have a source to complain to (Head Office).

I have been a counsellor for 18 months and am becoming very disillusioned with the whole thing. I am now feeling that I have to take whatever rubbish is thrown at me by a client and that I have to jump through hoops for them.

What times do you think it is acceptable to phone a counsellor? Would you phone at 11pm? Would you phone at 7am on a Sunday?

If you phoned a counsellor's mobile number and the message stated that they weren't available until a specific time would you a) leave a message or b) repeatedly phone and have around 10 missed calls?

If you were in a counsellor's house and they had ran out of soap in the bathroom or something would you complain?

Would you walk around a counsellor's home as if it was a public space?

If you couldn't make an appointment, would you let your counsellor know?

If you missed 3 appts in a row (never having said you weren't coming until days after) would you expect them to let you rebook?

Maybe I am having a bad week but I am really starting to rethink counselling.

I have so many great clients that I feel I have friends coming over when it is their appointment time. On the other hand I have so many that I dread coming over as they are rude to me and treat my home like a bus-stop.

Rant over :wave_cry:
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getting there!

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Please tell me people don't treat your home and you like that!!!!! That's awful, i can't believe that people can be so rude! I feel you were entitled to that rant hun! I had no idea!!!!


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Oh my god!

Some people have no manners, i have to hold my hand up to being a weekend texter to my cdc, but i always tell her to only reply if she is free, if not it can always wait and i would never text before 10 am and after 7pm!

I would lay down some ground rules and stick to them hun.



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Ok, that's terrible. Can't you like deny them service or something? Isn't there a way to do that ?

People shouldn't treat you or your house like that...

x Lostris


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I don't know if you do this (I've had 2 cdc's and neither of them have)... but maybe with new client you could go over a 'code of conduct' with them... like, both what you'll do for them, and what you can't do or don't want them to do.... just like 'I'm avaliable from x time to x time, if you need support outside those times look at minimins or cambridgedieters'.... about everything really. It would also clear up for clients what they were allowed to do.

Its kinda shocking what people do though - and you shouldn't have to put up with anyone invading your privacy.


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sounds like your having a really bad week, maybe you should stopseeing bad ones in your home, arrange home visits to their house instead??????
hope you have a better next week



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Wow! I can't beleive people behave like that. I'd never think of doing that in someone elses house.

I think you need to set the ground rules, perhaps gently mention that you work from home, in a set room as you like to keep the rest of the house as your home. Of course if someone needs the loo you are likely to let them, but if you've said the above then hopefully it'll register!

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad experience.


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Hi,I am a self employed hairdresser,most of the things you describe happening have happened to me,unfortunatley you like me are dealing with Jo public.They dont care that you have a life outside their own wants and needs.I have had people phone me at 5.30am to book appointments,11.30pm same,dont turn up for appointments,worst still say once Ive done their hair thay dont have the money and will pop it in yeah right!!Then they phone 6 weeks later and want to book again pretending to have forgotton all about the money.I have had people phoning me when they know Im on holiday on my mobile,phoning continually while I am driving or with a client and phoning and hanging up if someone other than me answers,also being extremely rude to other members of my family offering to take messages for me.
The majority of them are fab,I have made lifelong friends through my work,there are a small minority who are rude,self centred idiots,you have to focus on the good ones and ignore the actions of these people,they are insignificant,please dont think about giving up(although I know exactly what you mean)youre worth more than that


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I think no reasonable person would be calling early in the morning or late in the evening - maybe give your clients a little card with how to contact you instructions outlining specifically when people can call? For example

Please feel free to telephone me between 8.30 am - 9pm Mon to Fri
and 10 am - 6 pm on weekends.
If I am unavailable please leave a voicemail message and I will return the call as soon as possible.

I am fortunate - I facebook my order to my CDC on a Fri or Sat and collect it on a Sunday at church and I text message any problems or successes through the week. If she my text requires an answer, she replies as soon as xx

But I agree with Anju - that is Jo public for you - they expect the world and complain if they don't get it -


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Blimey, thanks for the post. It is an eye opener and makes me think twice about becoming a CDC. I spend 10 minutes with my CDC, have been late once, have never phoned her in the week, except this week when she was out of chocolate tetras and chocolate mint shakes.

I paid them on Wednsday morning and called her on Friday to be told they wouldn't in until Monday. I haven't had the greatest week this week because I feel she doesn't really care either way.

I suppose better communication on both sides is needed.


This job can be as rewarding as it can be frustrating. I have lost count of no shows and no calls.
One day I recall I had 13 clients booked in. Only 2 showed up and out of the 11 that did not come, about 5 contacted me.

It IS annoying.

I would appeal to anyone starting this diet, if you are not able to see your CDC for ANY reason, let them know. We don't shout or bite, and after all we have lives too. :)


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i can only imagine how fustrating it is. whenever i was unable to see my cdc i always phoned never txted or left a message always made sure i got speaking to her and explained. its just basic manners.


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I wouldnt dream of calling my CDC unless I had a violent allergic reaction, or needed to reschedule because of an unforeseen circumstance. I would buy a 'work' SIM card/phone and only give that out and lay the rule down that you have specific hours to phone that on. Members of the public can be so very rude - feel sorry for what has happened and I hope it improves for you hunny :)