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What should I be eating? (while gyming it)


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I thought i'd post this here rather than in nutrition as it more of a "What should I eat if i'm gyming it this much every week?" question.

Hello ladies and gents I seem to be in a bit of trouble, or once in my life I don't know what I should be eating!

So thisis what I do. I go to the gym atleast 3 times a week, but it could be up to 7 times a week as I go when after or before work when my bf is working. I do atleast one CV class a week and atleast one strength training class a week (again I do more if i'm at the gym more) then the rest of the time i'm on the trendmill, cross trainer and rower (burning about 500 kcals in total per session) while on the trendmill I get my heart rate to over 156 then hold it there for as long as I can before slowing down and recovering then repeating. On the cross trainer and rower I do 30 seconds of as fast as I can then slower to recover and repeat (i'm been told by my PT that this is what I should be doing). At the moment 30 secs is as much as I can take on the cross trainer and rower but I will put the time up as it gets easier.

I'm terrible for thinking things like "Whats the point in eating this if i'm going to the gym in an hour?". Then tell myself i'd have eaten it if I was going to the gym or not. I have to keep myself in check or i'd end up not eating a thing till dinner!

So my food as it stands right now is;
Breakfast, a banana 80% of the time, sometimes nothing.
Lunch, worst meal of the day it can be anything from a healthy salad to a burger king.
Dinner, is eaten at 9:30pm most nights (this is the time my bf gets home and the only time we can eat dinner when he's working) 90% of the time it is healthy, about 1/2 carbs, 1/4 veg and 1/4 meat (chicken, extra lean mince or healthy susages) and 10% of the time is unhealthy takeaway.

This is what I have been eating for awhile and it has kept me at the same weight without going to the gym... now i've had 3 weeks at the gym and i've gained 3lbs! I have lost inches, I look a bit smaller... but I weigh more...

I want to loose weight at the gym but I don't want to strave myself as I don't want to do any damage. I'm worried what i'm eating now isn't enough to help build muscle and I'm very puzzled as to why 3 weeks on I weigh more!

Please help, I honeslty do not know what I should be eating. Is there any meal replacement bars/shakes you guys use? I need something quick and easy :/

Thank you for reading this epic post! Thank you in advance if you can help :)
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S: 12st12lb C: 12st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st2lb(1.11%)
Currently looking at the Slim-fast 3-2-1 plan. It seems like it will fit into my lifestyle.

Ack, I feel lost as to what to do!


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dont skip breakfast, you need it for all the gym use you do. or if you cant eat early morning bring a fruity breakfast or something with you :)
Regardless of whether you work out to lose weight, build muscle, enhance health or compete in sports, what you eat before, during and after a workout affects your results. Ideally, you fuel properly to perform at your best without feeling weak, sluggish or nauseous. What you eat should assist you in meeting your workout goals--more power, more muscle, less fat or better health. Choose foods wisely and your workouts and body will reward you.

Overall performance depends on how you fuel before a workout. If you plan on a cardiovascular activity such as a run or an aerobics class, try to take in a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat snack one-half to two hours before activity. Early morning workouts in particular suffer without a snack; you have essentially fasted all night and are asking muscles depleted of glycogen to perform all-out. Carbohydrates provide quick energy and digest rapidly, so they won't weigh you down. With those carbs, include a small amount of protein to help squelch hunger. Examples of good pre-workout foods: a banana with a half-ounce of almonds, yogurt with a drizzle of honey, crackers with peanut butter, or a serving of whole grain cereal with milk.

The size of your pre-workout snack depends on the intended duration and intensity of your exercise session. If you're going on an all-out cardiovascular workout lasting more than an hour, you should take in a 300- to 400-calorie snack a few hours before working out. A lighter, shorter workout requires only about 200 calories. Remember to hydrate before you begin to exercise. Try for about 20 oz. water in the two hours leading up to your session.

During Workout

Water should be enough to sustain you during an hourlong workout. The American Council on Exercise recommends 7 oz. to 10 oz. of fluid every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise. If you intend on completing a cardiovascular session lasting longer than an hour, a sports drink with electrolytes and carbohydrates is recommended. Nutritionists also suggest about 30g of carbohydrates be consumed every 30 minutes on long sessions. Gels and chews provide these carbohydrates and give you the extra boost you need to perform lengthy workouts without overwhelming your digestive system.


Eating after you exercise helps muscles repair and refuel. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a serving of carbohydrates to be consumed within 30 minutes of a strenuous workout. Some protein with carbohydrates helps your glycogen stores repair even faster. A study examining the effectiveness of drinking chocolate milk post-workout published in a 2006 edition of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism showed that a combination of carbohydrates and protein helped athletes recover from intense exercise. Post-workout drinks including chocolate milk and protein smoothies make ideal snacks because they offer hydration as well as nutrients. Other good choices post-workout are a turkey sandwich, an ounce of cheese with an apple, soy nuts with juice or (again) cereal with milk.

Strength training workouts require post-workout fuel as well. The focus after a strength routine is on protein to help with muscle synthesis. Shoot for 20g to 40g of protein within 90 minutes of finishing your session. Whey or soy protein shakes, a cup of cottage cheese or 3 oz. of deli turkey with a banana make great options after strength training.
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Help me, I'm lost! :/

Hi there! I've just this second joined this forum because I'm lost as to how to lose this weight! So I figured the best people to ask were people doing the same...

Basically, I go to the gym 3 times a week, in the evening, for 1 1/2 hours. I've only been going for two months (I'm very unfit) I can manage 20 minutes on the crosstrainer, about 5 minutes rowing (1000m), 10 minutes on the seated bike, and I use various weight machines for my abs, thighs/hips, biceps/triceps.

I eat fairly healthily, which can be difficult with IBS as there are days I can't eat at all (not often, thankfully)

My problem is that I've lost a stone, but gained fat everywhere, particularly my stomach! :( if someone can please tell me how this is possible and what I'm doing wrong I'd be so grateful!! :))


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S: 12st12lb C: 12st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st2lb(1.11%)
It's so hard to know what to eat isn't it? If wasn't going to the gym i'd just stick to low-cal diet and not worry. But I was going to the gym for a month and eating normally but all I lost was inches. I actually gained weight! I doubt it is because of muscle gain!

I'm currently on day 6 of a SF/CC plan (where I haven't eaten more than 1500 kcals). I don't know it it's helped yet. I will have been at the gym 3 times by weigh-in on monday.

I plan on sticking to the SF plan on non-gym days and replacing my lunch shake (and a snack or 2) with a Boots Shapers meal deal. If i'm having a bad diet day I will also do this as it's like cheating without actually ruinning my diet lol.

I can't understand why you would have gained fat, but my PT told me that only using the trendmills crosstrainers etc can trap fat because our bodies just get used to the movement and we start doing it mindlessly. She recommened the classes at my gym both cardio and strength trainning (something I never wanted to do, but I am very glad I started!).

She also told me when on the trendmills etc to vary my heart rate by going steady for abit then as fast as I can for 30 seconds (or more when/if you can handle it) then steady again till you recover and repeat. This should stop your body from just mindlessly moving.

Another thing with weight trainning is that building muscle will burn more kcals which will help you keep it off in the future.

Does your gym have classes? If it does try doing some of those. I hope this helps.

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