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What should i do??

Thank you so much :) I didn't think anyone had replied and I was really gutted as this is the only place I'm getting any support :( Hence why I gave in and had that bit of food. Sorry for breaking the rules!! xx
its just one of them things hun remember how you feel at the min and next time you feel tempted think back to it but dont skip a pack carry on as normal pm me if you want to chat xxx


A thin person in disguise
Hi Nicci,

I have had a similar experience on Saturday and Sunday of the previous week. I don't want any of my family of friends knowing that I am on this plan; a long story short, they have seen me fat, thin and all over the place. I am also a secretive person who doesn't like talking about being on a food replacement plan. That's why I love this site. Anyway, I just put the 2 days being off plan as planning and then get back on it again. I realised on Sunday when i was spending the whole day with my family, that I could've got away with just a meal off plan, not a whole day. Thankfully, I rationalised the day as a training exercise for when I am at target and have the difficulty of maintaining my weight, something that I have yet to master in my adult life!!

You are on here and that is the greatest courage you can have. Accept it and move on...you are doing great and I am can see you have loads of support already. If giving yourself a hard time about it made it better then I would say 'yep do it', but it doesn't and it actually makes getting back on track so much harder. If we were perfect we wouldn't be here.

Keep strong you are doing really well and thank you for starting the thread, the messages I've written above are for me as well hehehehehehe!!!!


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