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What should I do?


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I really want to restart CD but everything is stacked against me...for the next 3 weekends I have something arranged, from my DH's birthday to a weekend away to visit friends!!!

I know that I could manage to SS on both occasions and I only have a few stones left to lose.

Has anyone else managed to maintain a busy social life on SS?

My DH nearly choked on his coffee when I suggested not drinking when we go out for his birthday!!

What I don't want to do is waste any more money stopping and starting on SS which I have been doing lately. I want to get back in the zone and lose the last bit of weight and I just think the longer I leave it the more weight I'll regain.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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To be honest i would agree thgings are stacked against you and if you decide to ss its going to be hard how about one of the other plans ie 810etc to start for 3 or 4 weeks see how the weight loss goes.

Sure someone else will be along soon .



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It really is a tricky situation and I keep changing my mind...

I've got the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other!!

I'm a Gemini and have trouble making decisions at the best of times..
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Why don't you try and prepare yourself for the next few weeks to start SS by cutting down on the carbs and drinking more water etc., then you can enjoy the next few weeks without having to restrict yourself too much and then you will be ready to start SS-ing when all your social events are finished and you have a clear run to give it a proper go. I know exactly what you mean though, I was thinking about starting CD just before Christmas but December was really hectic socially, but I knew it would be really quiet for a few months, so I started towards the end of January, and six weeks in and 25lbs down and feeling fantastic.
I'm an all or nothing kind of person, so I'd either restart sole source, and stick to it 100%, or I would wait. Only you can decide just how difficult it would be to do SS during the next few weeks.

Do YOU want to restart? 4 weeks is a long time on this diet. 4 weeks is sometimes a stone and a half. With only a few stone left to lose (I would imagine that means no more than 3) you could be halfway to goal by then.

Do you feel pressure from your hubby? Is that how you came to have a few stone to lose in the first place? How do you see yourself handling these situations when you are at goal? Or am I delving a little too much there?

Only you can decide...restart now, do it 100% to goal, or wait and do it in 4 weeks, possibly with an extra half stone on you (not the end of the world really) and be a month or so behind than if you start now. Either scenario is fine, really.


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thanks for that Sally, don't feel any pressure from hubby...he's been great throughout my SS mood swings!!!

I think he just couldn't imagine me having a big night out with no alcohol.

I'm like you as well...all or nothing so really need to make up my mind
Its funny because I faced a similar dilemma throughout Xmas. My son was 3 months old 3 weeks before Xmas, which meant I was able to go back on sole source and lose my baby weight, which I was very keen to do ASAP. But everyone kept saying "wait till after Xmas" but I know that with my penchant for red wine etc by the time Xmas was over with I could have had another stone on me. So I started anyway and lost over a stone before Xmas was even upon us. I did eat over Xmas - if it was my first time, I wouldn't have, but I just ate Xmas Eve and Xmas day. Back to it on boxing day. By the time I saw my consellor in early Jan I had lost a further 12lb, which was basically 2 stone. So at the time I would have been starting if I had "waited till after Xmas" I was 2 stone down, AND, equally importantly, I hadn't put any more on.

So, the point I am making, is that 3-4 weeks is a long time on this diet!

Hope you fine a solution x
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Hi, Can I just say I#m having the same problem or shoukld I say about to have the same problem. I started on Feb 27th knowing I had 6 weeks till my husbands dine out, (slap up meal in the mess with all the trimmings and lots of alchol) anyway now I've had my first weigh in and lost 11lbs and am doing really well on week 2 I don't want to spoil it. I know I've another 4 weeks to the do but what do I do on the night? please advise. Then the week after going up north to visit family for a week with a trip to blackpool and alton towers for the weekend. Oh mt god what shall I do?
i think you should wait till after the couple of weeks. enjoy yourself but try and not go to mad or maybe do one of the other plans? I stuck to ssing while away for a weekend..it was very very hard i even cried one evening but i got through it. you could do it if u want to :)
Hi Carol

Just noticed you mentioning hubbies dine out in the Mess, my OH is also in the forces !!

Is it his end of service dine out or are you posted??

I am trying to avoid all mess functions at the moment, dont know how long it will be before I run out of excuses, forces life and alcohol go hand in hand and it is really difficult to get out of some things - I don't envy you.

At least you will feel fab by the time it comes around!! Good Luck

Louise xxxxxxxxx

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