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What should I look out for in Home Bargains?



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St moriz fake tan. Best tan ever and it's only £2.99 - bargain!!


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The one here usually has Mug Shots cheap, pasta n sauce, and sometimes Alpen Lights. But be careful, I once went in for paracetamol, and came out with a Care Bear and a Kinder egg. It just jumped in the basket, so be warned :D
The joy of home bargains is that whenever you go in the stock is usually entirely different from one week to the next. Its very much a "we have it while it lasts" experience.

For example, one week I went in and they had a massive tray of chicken bovril for 99p a jar. So I bought 4. But they have never had them since on any occasion I have been. Mug Shots however, they always have.

Princes Tuna is another thing they often have - £2.99 for 4 tins, which is about half the price most shops are now charging for a 4 pack. They also often have Heinz Beans multipacks.

I have the good fortune to have one situated right next door to a decent Aldi, so can do both in one hit and can usually do a full shop between the two, with the exception of cat food and diet coke.
i love home bargains and so do my children. my daughter is 4 and comes out with tons of stuff every week and it costs next to nothing, i start my christmas shopping in september and always get loads of stuff really cheap. i got my daughter a fur real panda for £3.99 and they were £15 in argos.
Food wise I don't buy alot but cleaning products, toiletries etc are fab!
Sounds like my kinda shop - a bit of everything! Plus it's next door to a Lidl in town so I can hit that at the same time. I shall look forward to seeing what I can root out there.
When i was in ours last week my favourite finds were the little bags of thorntons whiskey dark chocolate truffles (3 syns each) for 99p, a 3 pack of tuna for 99p, nice ground coffee for 99p and 1 huge bottle of ecalyptus oil for 49p. It is a dangerous shop though, as others have said - you go in for a couple of bits and come out with several bags worth.


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They used to sell a Tea Tree body wash which I loved for 99p which was much dearer anywhere else which Id bought more never saw it since.


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It is a dangerous place!! I always just nip in for something and come out with bag loads of things!! I tend to get cleaning stuff and the odd bit like tuna, mug shots and crackers from there.


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I vote St Moritz fake tan too. The foam, not the spray. All my friends have all switched to this from St Tropez. There's a load of videos about application etc on YouTube too so even I can't even get it wrong!

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