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What should I look out for in Home Bargains?


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St moriz fake tan. Best tan ever and it's only £2.99 - bargain!!


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The one here usually has Mug Shots cheap, pasta n sauce, and sometimes Alpen Lights. But be careful, I once went in for paracetamol, and came out with a Care Bear and a Kinder egg. It just jumped in the basket, so be warned :D
The joy of home bargains is that whenever you go in the stock is usually entirely different from one week to the next. Its very much a "we have it while it lasts" experience.

For example, one week I went in and they had a massive tray of chicken bovril for 99p a jar. So I bought 4. But they have never had them since on any occasion I have been. Mug Shots however, they always have.

Princes Tuna is another thing they often have - £2.99 for 4 tins, which is about half the price most shops are now charging for a 4 pack. They also often have Heinz Beans multipacks.

I have the good fortune to have one situated right next door to a decent Aldi, so can do both in one hit and can usually do a full shop between the two, with the exception of cat food and diet coke.


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Large jars of sweetener 99p, 100 teabags 99p, 500ml bottles coke/pepsi/tango etc 39p, mango chutney 69p, loo rolls/cleaning products are good value same with toothpaste shampoo razors etc, its one of those shops if you see something that takes your fancy get it as it may not be there tomorrow :)
i love home bargains and so do my children. my daughter is 4 and comes out with tons of stuff every week and it costs next to nothing, i start my christmas shopping in september and always get loads of stuff really cheap. i got my daughter a fur real panda for £3.99 and they were £15 in argos.
Food wise I don't buy alot but cleaning products, toiletries etc are fab!


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Sounds like my kinda shop - a bit of everything! Plus it's next door to a Lidl in town so I can hit that at the same time. I shall look forward to seeing what I can root out there.
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When i was in ours last week my favourite finds were the little bags of thorntons whiskey dark chocolate truffles (3 syns each) for 99p, a 3 pack of tuna for 99p, nice ground coffee for 99p and 1 huge bottle of ecalyptus oil for 49p. It is a dangerous shop though, as others have said - you go in for a couple of bits and come out with several bags worth.


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They used to sell a Tea Tree body wash which I loved for 99p which was much dearer anywhere else which Id bought more never saw it since.


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It is a dangerous place!! I always just nip in for something and come out with bag loads of things!! I tend to get cleaning stuff and the odd bit like tuna, mug shots and crackers from there.


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I vote St Moritz fake tan too. The foam, not the spray. All my friends have all switched to this from St Tropez. There's a load of videos about application etc on YouTube too so even I can't even get it wrong!


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