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What Spices ???


"I'mmmmmmm back !"
Hiya all,

still hanging in there..... missed my Friday night session a bit but at least I woke up this morning feeling great and ready to go (BTW ... its funny watching your mates drunk !! :D )

Just wondering if anyone adds spices to the chicken soup?

Can you add Garlic salt etc... ?


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Hi Dave
I add salt and black pepper to my soup and sometimes chilli flakes as someone else said that was good also if I'm eaton with my family rather than slumped in front of tv lol I have soup in a bowl- feel I'm eating a proper meal like everyone else then- garlic salt a good one though think I'll try that ad well.
How you finding the shakes
Shaz x


"I'mmmmmmm back !"
Hi Shaz

Finding everything tastes great to me, done the coffee and vanilla... very nice taste.

Did put some chilli powder in my soup last night .... actually a bit too much ... Phew !!! Hot !!

Due for my first WI on Tuesday..... I feel like I have lost so cant wait !

Salt is a NO NO!!! I have added black pepper and a pinch of chilli powder (not curry powder) and this has not brought me out of ketosis(some debate this but I am def not out of ketosis from it). im not sure about the garlic but it may upset your tummy eventually. Please stay away from the salt!!! Good luck
I will avoid salt too!! Don't want to undo my hard work.
Dave have you tried your shakes mixed with some crushed ice they are yummy and will be good as the weather gets warmer.

Good luck for weigh in on tues my WI also so hope we both do well.
I'm off out in a bit to see Dancing on ice at men arena soooo excited and have my water and shake with me.


maintaining since June'09
I used to add black pepper and paprika to the soup but then there was a debate on here and someone rang LT who said that they shouldn't have pepper as it was from a berry (I might have got that wrong but something like that) ...... so I looked for LTs advice on things and found that they say - don't add ANYTHING to anything.

As I've only got a few weeks left I decided to follow their advice.

However - part of me thinks that they HAVE to say that really to try to get people to follow it to the letter and so that there's no chance of getting things mixed up. And that if it means the difference to you being able to stomach the stuff and not then it's better to add a bit of pepper. I definitely think you shouldn't have garlic though.

We're not necessarily supposed to enjoy this stuff - we just have to get it down for nutritional purposes. I think of it as medicine - not food. x


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Stick to the rule book for maximum results: don't add anything!!!!!!!
Stick to the rule book for maximum results: don't add anything!!!!!!!
Well said summergurl, I only add peppermint tea and coffee both of which I am sure are allowed.


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Yep they are allowed :)
I've always added paprika and pepper to the soup and it doesn't seem to effect my weight loss !


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I know, for some it doesnt affect their weight lossess but still you shouldnt add anything that isnt allowed.


maintaining since June'09
I totally accept that some things don't seem to affect some peoples' weight losses. After all I added the paprika and black pepper for weeks (although I will say we can't know for sure what we would have lost if we hadn't had them ... but still ...)
I just want to give myself the best chance possible for the maximum possible result - if a few weeks of going without a couple of spices even MIGHT change anything I'd rather not take the chance.

Each to their own logic, way of thinking, and method to get through this journey. x
I think you're right Jan. We're all on our own journeys.

As I've said - I add the spices - do I think it makes a difference - I'm not sure - it just makes the soup more palatable for me.

Personally - I'm delighted with my weight loss up to now - where else could I have had that loss?


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Am not doubting your happy with yer losses - they are indeed great - my personal opinon is not to add anything ya shouldnt - thats all! :)

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