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what the feck?


is going to loose!
sorry for a moment I thought that you had registered 15.01 and got really excited. Feel stupid now...

Anyways i think yes perhaps water or maybe you should be working your way down to SS? Dont think the extra protein would have done too much damage do you?

Hang in there and dont forget to wait until you official WI.

Water Retention

Hi there, I know the feeling but just ignore this and think about how you were feeling before you stepped on the scales, so get back into that positive mode. You know that is why they tell us not to weigh ourselves at every drop of the hat but its hard to resist, you want to see the pounds fly off. I was like this when I started Lighterlife, I lost 8lbs in the first 2 days and then at the weigh in at the end of the first week another 3lbs I was pissed off as I thought I should have lost another 8 or so. In the end 11lbs in my first week was brilliant but it was "only the 3lbs" that nearly screwed my up. Keep going and stay focussed.
Water retention
Time of the month due?

Sometimes our bodies just do this, This is why its best to keep weigh ins to once a week on CDC scales.
Look at the big picture and get your CDC to measure you/you measure yourself.
You're doing great, keep on going! :D


Trying to stay healthy!
this is just the reason that i decided to chuck my scales away a few years ago as everytime i'd get up and think ooh i feel slimmer today and then i'd weigh and be disapointed that it wasn't showing on the scales, as everyone has already said try not to weigh every day, our bodies are fickle things and water can make us go up and down throughout the week. try not to worry about it you are doing so well!!
good luck
Such good advice as to why not to weigh all the time.
I am a compulsive weigher, I try so hard not too, but they call me!
I think water makes such a difference and 2lb is not that huge an amount of liquid when spread over a body.
Keep up the good work, the 2lb will dissapear soon enough
If it's any consolation - me too :cry: I've put on a pound overnight - it's only day 9 and I only had 4 CD packs instead of 3 (doing it old school ;))

I was so so upset until I read your post and found it wasn't just me, it happens to other people and the weight does start moving again!

Like the others have said you are doing so well and it will be gone by your official weight in

it happens hun, dont let it bother you hun it will go as quickly as it came.xx
Thanks guys - thank god i found this site!

I am a serial weigher and know i shouldnt be, i feel fine today and going to keep busy. Have no idea why i was hungry yesterday but im glad i didnt fall off th wagon and succumb to the choc, the last few days my water intake hasnt been fab, only 5-6 pints s day, would it be worth upping it? TOTM not due for another 2 weeks. Eating some porridge now and got first pint of the day.

DS was being a **** yesterday so maybe it was stress related because i was literally climbing the walls - things will calm down a bit when hes at school full time instead of this stupid part time nonsense.
Hi Saraian just wanted to say hang in there.Same thing happened to me this morning, am seriously thinking of getting hubby to hide scales and trying to just do the one WI with my CDC.Just so addicted to weighing every morning !! and i know once he takes them and hides them he wont let me have them back :cry:Big Bully :D
big bird, hand the scales to hubby. step away from the scales LOL IMO not weighing daily helps me stay more accountable to the plan as I tend to play with whatever I can get away with but that always catches up to me. A lot less stressful this way.
Hang in there, we can do this.
Totally agree Edi, i cannot muck up this time round !!! Am determind to see it thru.As you said hun we can do this together.Mininmins has made all the diffrence to me this time, i dont feel as if i have to struggle on my own :0)

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