what the hell am i doing.......

LOl, I know what you mean, I am a glutten for punishment, I love watching come dine with me, and they have some lovely foods on there! hubby thinks I am torturing myself, but it gives me good tips for healthy eating when I start eating again!
Ah ha, a fellow Come Dine With Me addict! I tape every day and then watch all in one go! Fantastic, can't wait for next weeks!
im working today, i really miss saturday grunge TV!!!!

Keep me updated with what I am missing!!!!!
I did that too today.. lol! After five minutes I decided to go shower, I couldn't take it..lol!:D
Every time I do SS, I get a complete obsession with cooking programmes! It doesn't make me hungry or want the food, but for some reason I just love any cooking programme at that time!

Due to my knee injury, I can't do much, so I spent most of this weekend watching all the cooking programmes on terrestrial tv, and then switched over to UKTV food for some more cooking!!! LOL!

I also love reading cookbooks when I do SS, I guess it's a way to get inspiration for when I go back to maintenance, and a challenge of how to make a healthier version of some of the recipes...

Call me crazy but I love those cooking programmes, LOL!!!!
Louisa....how are you doing today, hun?? :)
Oh i was exactly the same whist abstaining - i loved reading chinese and indian menus, watching any cookery program on tv - loved cooking for everyone and anyone - would try to feed my nephews up with anything i could lay my hands on.

My sis has just started CD and she is exactly the same! If she sees something in tesco she fancies she buys it for my mum with the strict instruction of a full evaluation after she's eaten it!!

We are weird creatures eh?