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What the hell???!!!!

I get weighed at class and low and behold i've gained again!!!!!! 1lb this time, after sts the week before and a half poundgain the week before that I'm getting pretty damn cheesed off. Last night I went to the family planning clinic to get some more pills and they weighed me and I was 11st 7lbs I weigh myself at home this morning and I was 11st7lbs and yet Monday I get weighed on the class scales at the same time I got weighed last night ans I'm 11 st 13 lbs!!!!!!!!! What the hell is up with that? The class scales are crap in my opinion
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Thanks for looking hun, I'm getting so down about it now everyone in class but me is losing and I'm following the damn plan to a tee. Starting to lose motivation now
Where you wearing different clothes or shoes? All scales do weigh differently, but as your class will use the same scales each week its still a fair comparison from week to week even if they aren't completely accurate if you see what I mean. Have you spoke to your C, showed food diaries or anything? Hopefully shes prepared to offer you advice.
I go in work stuff, which is office wear so not heavy. I wore the same last night to the fpc. I have spoken to her and shown the diaries and she said they're all fine. I
starting to think my body is broken lol
I used to go gym 5 times a week for heavy cArdio sessions, then I was 10st2lbs lol. Shortly after I got with my current boyfriend andmy weight crept up :( trying to get back into the gym now but i
unwell at the mo :(
Aww hon you may be being too hard on yourself. Maybe you should focus on maintaining this weight until you are feeling better again, then maybe gradually start to excercise again. Maybe that will give your weight loss a little boost.
It looks like you're trying to get to the lower end of your BMI hun, maybe your body is just 'levelling out' at it's current level??? Also, all scales weigh differently - for the 'truest' reading it needs to be same scales, same time each week xxx
You don't have to exercise to lose weight and exercising will not give the massive weight losses people think it will. It makes you feel good and tones you up.
The plans help you to lose weight, something, somewhere must be going wrong for you. You may gain one week due to star week perhaps but every week something must be wrong.
Do you post a food diary on here? Do you do any of the "confessions" we have posted on the other thread? Are you 100% sticking to the plans, weighing and measuring and having a third superfree with each meal? Do you snack on superfree? Do you check all syns?
I do have a food diary on here but it's not up to dAte as I've been busy and my C has 2 of my paper ones. All food that needsto be weighed I weigh and the only thing I snackon between meals is grapes, oranges, mango n such. Just getting frustrated now sems thAt as soon as I treat myself to something small it all goes tits up. I don't think I should anymore l
Do you treat yourself to something on plan or is it an extra?
It really really should work for you if you are doing all you say you should. You don't have much to lose so it will be slower but you shouldn't gain though.


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Just a thought here. When I ate a lot of grapes I STS for 2 weeks despite sticking to plan 100% (no cheats at all!)
We were discussing that in class last night.
Some people don't loose well if they eat a lot of grapes and/or bananas.
i dont have a massive amount left to loose either and im starting the struggle. Maybe try to do speedfood challenge or do a couple of red days for a boost. I hated red days after 6 months of following EE but after doing them this week and being a bit inventive i actually quite like them now. I would have a good loss tonight if it wasnt for the dominos on saturday lol. Good luck and well done for sticking to it!
What about trying fruit that are lower on the GI scale? Less sugar and keep you satisfied longer. As Malakai said grapes are high in sugar and will fluctuate your sugar levels and you might feel hungrier quicker. Seems a little thing especially when it's fruit but it might be worth a try.

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