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What time does everyone have there shakes etc??

Hmmmm :help2:

I was just wondering when everyone had there etc? Do you split them up through out the day? cos i was thinking in a morning im not hungry for breakfast so i could have a shake mid morning say 11am then a shake in the afternoon say 3pm then a soup in the evening say 7pm?

What times does everyone else have theres?

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Hi there, you can have them whenever you like but at least an hour between them is recommended. i work nights so i look at the whole day take off when i will sleep and then split the three betwenn the remaining time. i know other people have their first midday and make sure they save the other two for times when they might be tempted, and you can also split the shakes to give you more portions, ie half the shake mix with the same amount of water and crushed ice to bulk it out, it's whatever works for you, but you must have all three in the day, hope this helps
Thats roughly times I have mine. I havent heard that it makes any difference to weight loss what ever time you have them.


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Hi babybear

I have my first shake at 10:30
my second at 2:30
my third at 6:30 - 7:00pm

I also have a litre of water before and after the first and last shake and a litre in between each shake, so i have around 5 litres.


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hi Dumplings,
I have my shakes around the same time as you, but keep the last one until after nine, when the boys are in bed. Then I have a nice hot chocolate and come on here to finish off the evening.
Hi there, i have my first shake between 11-12, second 4-5 and the last around 8pm.
I do tend to feel more hungry in the evenings so i will try to split my shakes.


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Since day 1 on this I've had my first shake at 8am, my second at 1.30pm and my third at 5.30pm. If I don't have my shake by about 10am I feel really shaky and ill. I even have my brekkie one before I weigh on a Saturday now.


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12,4,8 :) like you im never hungry when i wake up but am in the evening xx


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well im a guy so we only get 2 shakes but i have mine round 2:00 or 3:00 then my second 1 around 8:00
My pharmacist told me to take them at normal meal-times and make sure they are evenly spaced by 4 hours min. Apparently this gives time for each shake to be digested and burned up. That way your system won't slow down too much.

I was told about a woman who wasn't cheating but wasn't really losing weight on LT. Her pharmacist asked the same question you posed here i.e. what time do you have your shakes. It turned out she was having all her shakes in the evening. Once they changed her times she went into ketosis properly and lost the weight.

Weird story and I don't know if it's true or not:confused: But I guess it highlights the point that it's important to ask if you're unsure of something!!

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