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What times do people have their shakes?


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I get up really early for work have one around ten then one wen I get in around four and then one later in the evening as struggle with food and wanting it in the evening so have to close together.


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Hi my day usually goes like this-

11am -shake or porridge with a cup of tea with a dash of milk.
Approx 2 pints of water maybe more during the day.

4pm- shake or soup with 1 pint of water.
Another 2 pints of water or more.

8pm- shake or soup with 1 pint of water.
2 pints of water before bed.

12am- toilet!!! Getting rid of all the water
1am-toilet!!! Getting rid of all the water
2am- toilet!!! Getting rid of all the water

And so on and so on!!!
I usually hbe one at 11am (so im not hungry wheb making kids lunches and feeding them), one at 4pm (ditto for kids dinners), then one arpund 8pm x
At the moment I have had mine, 9am, 2pm and 7pm.
That will all change after next week as I have been off work.
I think you just have to do what fits best with your lifestyle and what suits you x x x
Just now its tetra at about 0830 on my way to work in the car. Shake at about 1330 and soup/shake at about 1900. Just depends what Im doing during the day plus fitting in with family and my son.
I have my first pack between 7 and 9.30am, 2nd pack between 12 and 2pm and 3rd I leave as late as possible so I've got something to 'look forward to!!!'


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Hi. I have my first one about 10.30am, second around 2.30pm and last one after I get kids to bed about 8pm. Tea, coffee and water inbetween to fend off the hunger.
I have first shake at noon, another one at 5pm and then soup at 7:30-8:00pm. I am always more hungry at night. So in the am I fill up on water and tea.
I have a shake about ten , bar with water and cuppa 1sh this is the high light of my day ha ha. Then soup 530 ish when family has there tea. Then fill up on water and tea of an evening x x
I have mine 8am, 12pm then 7pmish, as a teacher it is hard to fit round school breaks. x

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