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What To Do Now - Currently on 810.


Doing Slimming World
Hi everyone

I'm currently on the 810plan, I like it and have been a good girl this week - my work trousers which used to fit me with a slight gap (and stay up) are now so big on me that they will fall down! I'm pleased with my losses, however when it comes to eating the one meal I struggle.

Sometimes I can't be bothered to cook, which is bad but I do it anyway. Or other times I graze a little bit - like just now I had a few dorito's and a choc cornflake cake at work. But the thing is, I dont NEED it. I've gone down from 1200 and feel ready to do SS as I feel that if I know I can't have any food then I won't be tempted. I'm very much in the mindset that I can have a few lil things but then these often have carbs in. When I do eat, I know I shouldnt aswell or just eat what I'm meant to.

I really would like to do SS now, as I feel ready for it and feel that it would get me more on track again. I've been thinking about it everyday and I don't find the shakes, bars or porridge a chore - i really like it.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I also drank 3L of water yesterday as my thirst was dremendous.

PS: WI tomorrow eve so will see how things have gone this week.
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hiya, like you, I am on 810. To be honest, I am probably closer to SS+ as I don't eat all the protein on 810. I lose between 2-4lbs a week, usually 3lbs, which I am quite happy with.

I know exactly where you are at. Every week, I think will I SS? Would I lose it faster if I just went for it? Certainly, like you, I feel I could SS now, much more than before when I would crack after a couple of days. It doesn't feel like such a huge leap to just cut out that one meal a day. But then I look at what I am actually cutting out. A bit of protein, which does to your body good as it can't store protein, and 3 tablespoons of veg, which I think gives you a bit of fibre. And time and time again I come to the same conclusion that if I can just do strictly 810/SS+ I will lose the weight. I think I am going to wait until I start to plateau, then I will have somewhere to go and a greater motivation to SS.

It's up to you. Are you one of those peeps who needs all or nothing? I don't see the added meal as normal food, but part of the CD diet, from a very restricted food list, that has to be carefully weighed and measured. It is not a free-for-all to eat in my eyes. Certainly if you want to SS, I would try a few days on SS+ -- four meal replacements and skimmed milk -- first, to ease yourself into it. Also, I don't see why you couldn't maybe try doing SS+ in the week and 810 at the w/e?

Good luck, and let me know what you decide to do.


Doing Slimming World
Hey FrancesMag,

Thank you for all your replies everyone.

I'm gonna have a chat with my CDC when I get weighed tomorrow night. See what she thinks too.
Hi there, how did you get on. Bumping this thread up as I really want to know what you decide. I would go to SS+ as I don't eat all the protein on 810 anyway, the only thing that is stopping me is that I can't drink black tea or coffee so I need the skimmed milk too.

What do you think? Surely SS+ (the small meal option) plus skimmed milk is going to be better than full blown 810?


Doing Slimming World

I went and I've lost another 2lbs tonight which means my total loss is now at 31lbs :D I have been a bit naughty again and really feel that I need to take food out of the equation.

Had a chat with my fab fab lovely cdc and I can do SS as my BMI is under 40, plus I feel in such a good place in my life at the moment that it is a perfect time to go lower. So, either as of Monday this week or next Fri (depends on how much 1 of my cars costs to get through its MOT on Monday) I am going to give SS+ a try - I dont do black tea either.

So I'm gonna carry on thinking it through, went to Morrisons tonight and got some more Quorn Pieces and mushrooms - gonna get some diff vege and that over the weekend if I need to. We are going to a Cousins wedding reception Sat night but I figure the dancing will do me good & I'll take a bar to eat aswell.
So are you going to do 4 packs and the skimmed milk option on SS+, when you do switch? Keep the milk but cut the meals? It will be really interesting to see the difference that makes to your losses so keep me posted. I might follow you there.


Doing Slimming World
Hi All

Just a quick update - I am going to give SS+ (the one with 200ml skimmed milk) a try from tomorrow morning.

I chatted it over with my CDC on Thurs, I have 5 extra packs ontop of my current weekly 21 sachets and they'll tide me over 'til Thursday evening which is when I will see her again and everything will be official.

Am a bit scared, but am going to do it - I went to a family wedding reception last night and got 3 compliments from Family who I hadnt seen for ages and none of which knew I was on a diet!