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What to do....

Well, been thinking a lot this week. Cant seem to do a full week 100%, im totally yoyoing my way thru exante..

So anyway im going to keep using exante products as part of my diet but im going to switch to calorie counting/low carb/high protein. Means i wont be using the exante boards anymore cos dont want to torture u all with food talk!

Hope you all ok :) xx
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Thats what I do hon and it stillworks.I have 2 exante mealsat work and a meal on a night.My hair stopped dropping out too so I feelbetter for it and love having the food. I think you should stillcome on here x Exante doesnt make you abstin from food forever!!!


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Good on you coming to a decision hun, its not easy I know. I think you are doing the right thing, you are not being out of control or sacking everything entirely, you are taking complete control in a way that works for you. Makes perfect sense and I wish you lots of luck! I am going to be going to cal counting with an emphasis on low carb when I am done with Exante to, more so I can "learn" to eat sensibly as I will still have the numbers in front of me. I thrive with numbers haha!

Don't leave us though! Keep popping in to see us as I for one would miss seeing your supportive and helpful posts around here! xx


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................I don't think you should stay away from the board Babystar...........your experiences are invaluable to others struggling. I take my hat off to those that can manage this diet 100% but the majority of us don't/can't or only sparodically manage it. I too like you struggle to complete a 100% week but it is comforting to know we are not alone. Please stay in touch. All the best xxxx


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Oh Babystar.... it is a struggle and well done for being honest with yourself and wanting to do something that you know will work. You are still welcome on the board coz we are all in this together, doesn`t matter what diet you are on if you are still losing weight.
Thanks everyone. I would keep strugglin on but its makin me feel proper horrible some days, and im snappy all the time, just not me! So.....time to try low carbing. I'll find it a LOT easier when the little boy starts nursery at easter cos can get to gym etc then too....xx


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You are doing the right thing. You have a toddler to take care of too which takes a lot of energy. You know when your body actually needs food rather than 'cheating' and it's good you recognise it. I have been doing TS and feel great about it, but last night I needed to eat - I knew I needed food and I felt a lot better about it, but today it's back on TS. We are all different and need to do what is right for us. So long as you are still losing, who cares how you do it :D
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Hi Babystar - as you know I have similarly struggled to be 100% - and I'm using packs the packs in a way you describe - whatever works is my view - we'll still lose weight (albeit slower) - this week I think I'll be well into the 16's with a bit of luck - so don't go mate - we can do this in a way that works for us x
Thanks everyone

Mia, that makes so mch sense to me, cos when i am eating im not "cheating" as such, im healthy eating and its not cos ive got cravings, its mostly cos i actually do feel like i need something. But...rather than keep saying "i will get back on TS" im just gonna go with it, see how i get on doing things this way. I'll still have 1 pack a day, maybe 2 along with low carb foods and see how i get on! xx


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..............Yey!!!!! That's the spirit Babystar and I agree 100% with Slimmer Bridezilla about whatever works for you is ok!!!!! See you soon on here to find out how it's all going. xx
Thanks :) well yesterday I had an omelette for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a chicken salad and some fruit for dinner! Total of about 800cals and feel much better for it. Gonna keep this up and see what the result is xx
Decided this morning, im joining SW on tuesday. Going to keep up my low carbing til then. Need the motivation of someon else weighin me, and i want to introduce food again even if it does take longer to lose. So off to the SW boards i go. Will keep in touch xx
Good luck Babystar. I have just read your reply to my thread. I have really had a long think. I still haven't started exante and I think going without food would make me very low. So I'm joining SW or WW. It's not worth risking your mental health over. Tbh I think the shakes and soups are minging anyway. I did try the CD once and by day 4 I was very low and and broke out in a massive cold sore on my lip. Some people can just handle it and it works well. But I know I would struggle. Good luck xxx
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Before you go, without meaning to sound patronising, just wanted to say thanks for all the help and support you've given whilst on this diet. You have no idea who I am as I've just started, but I've found such great advice on here, quite a lot of it yours and this has helped me tremendously. So sorry it isn't working for you right now and I wish you well for the future xx


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babystar31 said:
Aw thanks hun i hope u get on really well :) If only i could take my own advice sometimes lol id maybe get on better :( xx
Ur still gonna be our team captain tho aren't ya? xx

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Doing it exante style :)
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babystar31 said:
Well Clair prob better if smeone else takes over, im no a good person if im doing SW lol :( xx
Awww ;( u better find a good replacement then lol xx

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