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what to do?

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V been invited out to dinner by a friend I don't see very ofterrn I reeally would like to go but I can't eat so I need some help
In your situation I would either have a shake beforehand and make some excuse about being off food owing to a virus you are getting over (or something like that) or just come clean and explain about CD. I am sure she would be very supportive. I used the excuse about not eating and drinking when meeting someone recently in a pub, that I was detoxing for Lent. He didn't argue at all. Also another little trick about not drinking alcohol is to use the "I'm on antibiotics" excuse. Again, people dont argue with that! Failing all that, perhaps a small chicken salad to eat instead of your shake? Good luck x
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Perhaps suggest you go to a pub/bar place likes yates, weatherspoons... where she can eat and you can have your shake?


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She wants to to to an Indian, oh I'm only on week 2 so no food for me for a while:cry:


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Oh dear, this is all very distressing at the start and I found this the toughest thing. I wish now that I had just come clean to start with and explained- after all, your friend wants to see you, and probably won't be bothered if you are eating or not. I was so nervous about telling people, or sitting with them not eating- but when I did it, I was surprised to find they either didn't notice or didn't care!

If it were me, I would give your friend a heads-up about it beforehand, and if you explain that it is important to you, maybe she will change her mind and suggest you stay in, or go somewhere a little 'easier'?

Good luck either way- I do think this is the toughest thing to negotiate, but it can be done!


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Hey hon
If it was me, I would go and take a shake which I have done loads.. or as someone else said suggest going for a drink instead.. I personally really try not to let it stop my social life... as I think it makes you feel depressed if your stuck in!!!!

Whatever you decide to do.. hope your ok with it.. Stay postive hon!!! x


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I would explain to her or suggest something else to do like go out for a drink, or cinema? Or could you meet her in the daytime and avoid mealtimes? I have made the decision to just avoid meals with friends entirely by suggesting a drink (and then driving - great reason to be on the water) or a coffee in the afternoon. Good luck with whatever you decide, and let us know how you cope.

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