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What to eat after Giving Blood


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How about a couple of go ahead biscuits and a cuppa?

Well done for giving blood, its something I would like to do, but unfortunately am unable to as I am Anemic:rolleyes:

Hmmm I wonder how much blood weighs, you never know you may lose a pound:D


Is a crunchy mama!
Or banana AND cereal bar? And maybe a yogurt? I've had the shakes before and it's an awful feeling. Well done for donating blood!


bye bye baby tummy
bananas are good the potasium is good for after

or if they take an lb of blood (i dont know how much they take lol ive never given blood, i was told i couldnt for 12 years after an illness i had lol 12 years is up next year) have some custard creams


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At 3.5syns each you couldn't force me to eat custard creams. I mean they're nice, but not nice enough to sacrifice that many syns!

I'd have a banana, some yog and maybe a HExB cereal bar.


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When I donated I ate a banana and alpen light afterwards. Felt fine.

Don't bank on the fact you will loose extra weight though! I managed to gain the week after my donation and I hadn't changed anything apart from giving blood! A worthwhile reason for a gain though in my book :)


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
maybe take one of the sw bars with you? if you have your HEB spare, then you dont have to go into your syns :)

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