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What to eat on week 5?


Could anybody tell me what sort of things we are able to eat when we have to introduce food back for a week? Am I right in thinking I can eat chicken breast and salad or greeen veg....tuna salad, that sort of thing. Also, can we eat things like honeyroast ham or cheese??? I really don't want to put any weight back on when it comes to that time :sigh:

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What's aamw? What does that stand for? Why do you not do it? I was thinking I perhaps wouldn't do it because I have quite a tight deadline but am scared of my hair falling out! lol I can quite easily not do it, I don't think it would bother me.
Now i am in a quandry about doing the AAMW cos i am quite happy now on TS ..maybe i will just do WS for a couple of days next week instead..Can go out for a meal with other half at least and be sociable..

AAMW stands for Add A Meal Week bouncy ....
its supposed to be my aamw this week but im not doing it im just going to have a working solution day on saturday for my daughters birthday (whilst resisting the dreaded c**e!) i know if i do aamw then i will be back to "expecting" a meal in the evenings x
Thanks for that valentine! LOL I'd seen it a few times and wondered what it meant! doh!

I'm sort of the same as you shell - think that if I eat, I'll find it really difficult to get back to ts and to be honest, I know it's only my first week but I'm not finding it difficult and I feel really well so my thinking is why aam if I don't want to? Has anybody had hairloss or anything from not adding a meal??? x
What I might do in my aamw actually is just have a can of drained tuna and a few spinach leaves (literally 5!!) and that be that.Then again, I may not, I might just be not so stict with myself and if I NEED to eat, rather than going to bed to stop temptation,have the tuna then. I don't know...I think I'm not going to bother. LOL sorry, just thinking out aloud!!!
Lol I know what you mean Hun I had a bar at dinner time have just eaten three slices if ham and 4 crab sticks will have a choc shake later before bed I can't have three packs and food too it's too much!


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I aam when I needed to the last time, usually a fri, sat or sun (sometimes all 3) but I didn't do the full aamw. I found it worked better for me to eat when I needed to & not feel like I HAD to or EXPECTED to. I'm on day 6 & I've been doing the same again except just been adding chicken so far if I need it. HTH xo
Not sure if I am going to do AAMW - too much to lose and too little time!!:(
Hey Guys!!

AAMW should start for me 2mo but I'm thinking of holding out till the wk end! Only thing is I have fully booked social wk ends coming up so for the nxt 3 weeks in a row and so not sure if I should stick to TS in-between and just try and avoid the carbs or just give up over the wk ends??
BouncyBride said:
Thanks H....what things do u eat when u aam? does it make ur loss not as good???
Salmon or chicken with cabbage & broccoli or lettuce & cucumber mostly. Sometimes I'd have some of the other choices like fromage frais. I stuck to 400cal & lost 3lb a week whether I aam or not.

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