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What to wear - summer!?!


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well, it was really hot this weekend - I went out in my normal clothes, and felt distinctly hot and overdressed.. everyone else was in summery gear, shorts, floaty tops... I need some new stuff because I've lost weight, but I have no idea how to 'do' summer..

Can anyone advise?

I am happiest in quite tailored clothes... I'm currently a size 14 in jeans (down from a tight 18), and an 18 in tops, down from 22-24...

I have been wary of buying too many clothes, as I am still losing weight, so my standby wardrobe at the moment consists of skinny jeans, knee high boots, a couple of v neck sweaters, and some plain, dark coloured tops and shirts. I tend to wear a tailored jacket and bright scarves too.

I feel confident enough in these clothes, as they cover the worst bits, but have no idea how to translate this into summer wear... I havent been this 'slim':rolleyes: since I was about 20, when my summer clothes consisted of sawn off knee length jeans, converse and battered t-shirts.. at 37 I don't feel that is quite appropriate now!

My legs are ok, but I have wobbly inner thighs, my bum's not bad (or so I'm told!) however, I do have a fat wobbly belly, love handles, and the muffin top!

My arms are not too bad, till the top few inches, but I am happier in tops with a short sleeve at least.

I don't like showing too much flesh, and I do need to look reasonably smart/casual. I have short, dark hair and am pale, and I look dreadful in white, or pastel colours - I tend to favour strong, clear colours, greys and black!

If any fashionistas can advise, I would be eternally grateful! :D
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hi. Im not sure im a fashionista, but i think i look good. lol. :)
If your comfortable in tailored clothes then i would go for linens, they are comfortable and look quite smart (pik attached) you can get them for almost any budget (new look have a good range) these can also be dressed up or down.
dress down with a plain top, some accessories with matching bag flipflops etc. dress up with plain top even more accessories, nice jacket and heels. :rolleyes: also a few other piks i liked i thought i would attach...



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Thank you LornaGrace for some good ideas:)


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thankyou some great ideas lornagrace! They fit right in with my ideas too - I'm big on accessories, and tend to rely on a capsule wardrobe of several items at the moment, as I don't want to invest much in stuff that is not fitting me for long as I shrink!

I have made a start...with some shopping and some customisation of existing items!

I have a pair of skinny jeans that are getting a little loose on the waist - I have bought a smaller size now, but the old ones are wearable, and fine with a belt, so I am cropping them to calf length and hemming them this evening!

I have also picked up a couple of summer tops from asda today, they are similar in shape to the asos curve one you posted above (the black one on the right) actually - here's a link to one of them -
Bird Print Camisole Top | Women's | ASDA direct

I've also picked up a couple of plain v neck t shirts, and cotton vest tops, which are good everyday standby items.

I also remembered I have a thin, black cotton shrug top, that I can wear with that to cover the shoulders and make me feel less 'bare'. Together, they look casual but neat, I think!

I'm going to get a pair of linen trousers too, and if I sort through my existing shoes, and maybe get some new ones if I see anything I like, I should be sorted for the basics!

ooh, Ive also disovered fake tan body lotion - and I feel much happier about baring a little of my wobbly bits when they are not quite so brilliant white1
Hi sonya, glad you liked the ideas. i couldnt live without my linens now! there great for work in the summer to still look smart.
Love the top you picked up from asda, i always forget about asda for clothes, anyway after reading you post last night, i went to asda living today and got some lovely stuff and a swim costume!
Yeah i always find fake tan gives me a bit of a pick-me-up feeling!


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S: 17st0lb C: 12st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 4st5lb(25.63%)
Asda is good for cheapish bits and bobs - which is what I need at the moment, I've had to buy new clothes two or three times in the last 8 months when everything has suddenly become too big and baggy!

I also find that buying new clothes a little on the tight side is a good motivator - I feel tidier in neat, well fitting things, and psychologically, if my waistband feels loose, I swear I subconsciously think I have a little leeway, and am less careful about how much I eat... it's a subtle thing, but I think it impacts on how I feel about my weight!

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