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What was everyones...


My husband = My hero
What was everyones motivation to drastically change their lifestyles and loose those extra inches of love? hehe :D

Mine was my 21st birthday is on the 22nd march, and i decided i was sick of hating photos of me because of double chins and rolls where there werent meant to be rolls!!

Also who is your main support through all this?

Mine would have to be my boyfriend, he works away with the army, but every day asks me how im getting on, and when hes home i now he will make a huge fuss of every single ounce iv lost!

he hasnt seen me for nearly 2 weeks so should notice a huge difference which is spuring m on even more!!

So what does it for all you???

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My husband = My hero
That's so lovely hun! I cant wait to have a hugeee family!!

and i know what you mean about shopping, will be nice to pick something up off the rack and know it will fit!! x


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When I met my partner I was a size 16, and pretty comfortable. Unknown to me at the time (but I see looking back) he was manic (he has bipolar), we had a crazy time together. Then after various stressful events he crashed and was to start a really long depressive episode. Eventually we had to move to be near his son (who is disabled) as he got poorly too. So all this combined, and with me moving away from my family and friends I began to eat. My partners illness meant that he was unable to respond to me emotionally, as the meds he is on have turned him into a zombie for a while. My self eesteem plumetted and I became depressed. I gained 3 stone in the last year. Up to a size 22 and growing fast. I went to visit my family just after Christmas down in Cornwall, and I can honestly say it was the first time in months I got to be 'me'. Socialising, chatting with people, visiting friends. It was great. But it also made me realise how much of me I had lost on the way.

So I made a decision that when I got home, I would put myself first for a while instead of letting my partners illness drag me down too.

Its made a huge difference to me, I don't feel depressed anymore and I feel excited every day i wake up to think this is another step in my own journey, for me and no one else.

Its coincided with my partner eventually coming out of this episode, so i have high hopes that in six months our lives will be so much better than it was :) :) :)
I found out I was going to be an uncle, and I didn't want to be like my uncle kevin (a great man) who died when he was 55. I wanted to be like my aunt vera who is 80 and still acts like a young girl. (You know, gender issues aside. :) )
Im sick of being single, ive decided its down to ma wieght! I want to look good for ma dads 50th in may, im goin on a lads holiday in may too with my 6.2ft brother (sixpack) and my body building best mate.

I also want to either join the police or army round june!
I want to be healthy, I want to be respected for more than my mind but for how I live my life, I want my family and friends to be proud of me for the above reason.. I want to stop breaking up with girls cos I hate myself so much I can't love them.. the list is endless but one of the greatest reasons is I want my nephew, future neices and nephews, sons and daughters to see me as a cool thin uncle and daddy who will be around till he's very very very old...
Mine was an illness - I was in hospital for a week last august with a serious liver problem. It was fatty deposits on the liver due to my poor eating habits and diet and my weight that caused it.
I was told if I lost the weight it would cure itself again so a month into Lipotrim I have lost two stone - just another two to go.
But I realise that then the real battle will begin - to change my diet and eating habits and get more exercise.
Its nice to be able to fit into all my old jeans and cloths as well - great for the self esteem. :)
for me, it was because I wanted to feel healthier, and boost my confidence. I don't ever again want to put up with a guy that I know isn't right for me, because I'm scared no one else will want me. But more importantly, my dad was seriously ill last year (now recovered thankfully) but he has type two diabetes, so I'm anxious not to increase my risk of developing it later in life. I was always a little chubby but when my dad was sick the stress sent me into major comfort eating mode and I put on an extra couple of stone, which I'm now happily shedding!:D
my mum, dad and sister all support me very well

also i dont really have many reasons for doing it just to get healthier u suppose, get into decent shape and just generally be more comfortable
I had to go into hospital last year and when my GP rang to make the appointment she told the lady on the phone that I my BMI was 33. I could have died right there in the doctor's office. I'd never gone over 25 before and knew I had to do something about it.
I woke up one morning and decided that I did not want to look like a whale on my wedding! I want to have a fairy tale wedding and the thought of not being able to fit into a wedding dress gave me nightmares. My OH and younger sister have been such a great support for me... alot of people on this site... Ollie, Miss Unknown, Kirsty... endless list of people have been so inspiring and so supportive! (thank you)
My main motivation for doing lipotrim is because my partner and I are wanting to start a family... And the others reasons are, I hate the way I feel when I try going clothes shopping, I want to be able to shop in normal clothes shops and not the big girls ones. I'd also love to be able to sit comfortabley in concert seats, at the moment I could do with two seats, one for each bum cheek lol

I'd just like to love the person who stares back at me each morning when i look in the mirror.

And the one person who's giving me tons of support is my partner, who's doing the lipotrim journey with me :)

I started LT when we found out that not only could we not have children BUT we weren't eligable for NHS IVF because my hubby has a teenage daughter from his first marriage. With that in mind, and with funds being super-low, we both decided to give 1000% to getting ourselves fit and healthy so that any private treatment we save up for has the best possible chance of working.
Also, i've been watching a lot of Biggest Loser on Sky :eek:. It's a great kick up the bum!



I will be skinny again!!!
Mine firstly was because of my sisters wedding, and secondly a picture was taken in work and i was sitting in the back round and i had to big rolls and a double chin and my arms looked huge!
I dont have access to the picture to show you all though :(

And i just dont feel comfortable any more.. i hate putting on clothes that are too tight, and i hate not being able to button some of my favourite clothes up too!!

I want my confidence back, to feel like i look half decent again!!


My husband = My hero
Everyones reaons are fab!!!! And soon enough they will be achieved!!
this thread ha just given me a huge boost today. and i can relate to loads of them!

Guna raise a glass (of lipotrim) to getting fitter healthier and more gorgeous so all our dreams can come true!!! xxx


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Positive and focused!
I was at an all time low with my weight. It had only been on for 20 years!! A friend suggested I tried lipotrim so I went along, not thinking I would make a week, and 10 weeks later (end Nov) I had lost 3 stone.

Then went on holiday and stayed the same, it helped having scales in the bathroom! Since getting back and having xmas and then my sons 18th on 10/01/09 i have really struggled to lose other 3 stone.

My husband and children have been brilliant, especially as I felt like stabbing them on day 5 as I carved up roast beef and all the trimmings. By day 6 a calm came over me and really found it quite easy, I used to tell myself if i felt hungry in the morning that I would eat, but never needed to!

I hope I can continue with lipotrim to finish the last weight loss! XX
I wanted to be healthier for a start and to get more confidence when I was at my heaviest I didnt want to go out I wouldnt take the kids to the park and playgroups so I had no friends and would use food as my comfort.I also wanted to have some pictures of me as there are none of me anywhere.


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats really nice about the pictures carebear!!

This is a really good thread, well done lauren :) lol

Its really nice to see how similar and different everyones reasons are.

I cant wait to see everyones journeys and to see you all suceed and realise that you have finally achieved and feel better about the things you started for..
Loads of reasons
1: I wasn't in control of my life and eating was where it showed
2: I went out on New Years eve and despite putting on a smile I felt like a heiffer
3: I love clothes and I was getting limited with my choices
4:I am fed up of being the fat one!
5: I want a baby one day and don't wanna make it harder than it needs to be.
and loads more too!

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