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What was your inspiration to start losing weight?

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Hi all,

I just was wondering what inspired people to start losing weight? Hoping for some extra inspiration!

Mine were:
a big group villa holiday last August with a bunch of skinny minny friends (I joined SW last Jan and lost 2 stone before my hol!),
discovering size 16s no longer fitted me, and (most of all) my little sister being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 26, and being told by my doctor that because of the family link he would consider me at high risk of developing it too.

What were yours?
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oo i have lots!
i work at a childrens centre so im always promoting healthy eating and excercise for families.... really should practice what i preach!
i have 2 children aged 3 and 6 and the last thing i want is them to get picked on at school for having a fat mum!
i love the summer weather but hate summer clothes! i have to wear a cardigan or long sleeved top to cover the bingo wings and i cant cope with another summer of feeling so rubbish... the list could go on and on.... lol


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Good reasons Bellatrix. Mine are far more shallow! I am determined not to have another fat Christmas. On New Year's Day, I couldn't take my own boots off because my fat belly go in the way and make it hard for me to bend over! I managed to gain over half a stone due the festivities and that's just piggy. I'm only 5 feet tall so half a stone is very noticeable indeed.

Next year, I'm going to feel fit and healthy, and I want to come out of Christmas with very little change to my weight through making better choices!
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Mine was shallow too!!! Mine is my hen do (abroad), wedding and honeymoon! ive always felt self conscious in a bikini and get that feeling of dread when it comes to holiday time but this year, im determined to not have that feeling for the first time. And i hate having to dress to cover my lumpy bits! x
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I saw my friend after she had lost a stone on SW and she looked amazing. When I told her she looked amazing she had the most gorgeous glow to her face because she knew she looked amazing and appreciated being told... Then something in my brain clicked and I thought, when people tell me I look amazing I want to be able to believe them and have that look on my face... I started calorie counting the next day.
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May I reply, new here:). Everyone has good reasons. Sorry mine are a bit shallow also. I have never ever worn a bikini on holiday. As want to look good for when I go to the Reading Festival along with my skinny mates. I'm the large one in my group of friends.


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As want to look good for when I go to the Reading Festival along with my skinny mates. I'm the large one in my group of friends.
know this feeling!! I have been to Reading (lived in Reading all my life till a year ago) and glastonbury festivals every year for 5 years and im always the fat one among friends!! Being fit at a festival does have it advantages!!

My reasons are because i have a 1 year old daughter and i dont want to be struggling to catch up with her when running around!! i also would like to wear lovely summer clothes!!!!
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my mum used to always have a dig at me :(
I hated it. She was really mean. She then promised me she would come to the gym with me a few times a week so I signed up to the expensive gym she was going to and the first session she let me down. I cancelled it because I was so angry.
I then went on holiday & felt so uncomfortable being the size I was I decided to do something about it so joined sw and never looked back since :D
I lost my weight for my wedding & got to target in March 2010 & stayed at it right up until Nov 2010. I am now abit out of target but will get there eventually.
Good luck to everyone else in their journey. We can all do it.


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i was plainly and simply unhappy with how i looked,especially in photos.i had also stopped doing things like swimming with my kids on holiday because i hated how i looked in a swimsuit.
so i decided to do something about it and joined sw...and never looked back.


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Can't remember what mine was originally but this year it's starting with a 60 day competition with the bf who can loose the most, there's a pamper day in it for me when i win. But more importantly I'm a bridesmaid on 3rd June, had to order my dress in a size20 ( although I'm normally a size 14 so don't know how that one works) but I want that dress to be taken in loads! I wAnt to look GOOD on those photos!


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Is it wrong to say I started weight watchers a couple of years ago because I wanted to get a boyfriend? Feels like I should say I did it for me.
Is it wrong to say I started weight watchers a couple of years ago because I wanted to get a boyfriend? Feels like I should say I did it for me.
I don't think its wrong at all and it is for you at the end of the day so you feel better about yourself and that will be what gets you a decent bf not your weight :)


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Dancing queen! Its not wrong at all. I was the same 6-7 years ago I had a boring bf but ad I was so over weight I didn't think anyone would want me. I lost 2.5st and had the boys flocking so dull bf went and I relived my freshers year all over again ;-)
Now I have a lovely gorgeous bf who I want to look good with.


Operation Fight the Fat!
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Good to know it doesn't make me sound sad/desperate or whatever. If I'm honest I think I did it to impress someone I'd been seeing for a while that had stopped. I wanted to lose weight and look a lot better when he saw me, it worked but nothing ever came of it and then I ended up dating someone else who made me realise the ex was a total idiot!! Losing the weight gave me a great confidence boost though and I feel sure I'd have never got the boyfriend when I was almost 3 stone heavier.

However lots of meals out with him and back to uni and drinking too much (and ultimately a broken heart 9 months later) and I'm back on the mission to lose weight. However this time I think I'm doing it completely for me :)


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I wasn't happy with my holiday photos. Then I won 12 weeks membership at Slimming World! I managed to lose a stone so now I have signed up for a 12 week countdown. I feel better about myself already. Here's hoping next year's holiday photos are better.


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I had known that i had to do something about my weight for a number of years - i just kept putting it off and off - even though i had a good 18months notice of my brother's wedding in August 2008 - i still thought "i'd do something next month".

Then the wedding pics arrived... Oh.

Two weeks later - my other brother asked if i'd be an usher at his wedding in August 09. Of course i said yes - but i wasn't going to ruin another set of wedding pics. so there i went - trundled on to Slimming World in December 2008 and been there ever since. I wasn't super slim for that second wedding - but was 8stone lighter then i was at the first and looked a darn sight better in the pictures.

But the inspiration to keep going has been just as important as what started me off - that was that i soon (within a few months) started noticing the changes in me - and I liked those and wanted to see where they lead to. Last year - it lead me into two Slimming World competitions, walking up snowdon, falling out of a plane, and walking across burning coals. This year - who knows :)


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for me the weight gain has been gradual, i've always loved my food but was until I got in a relationship that i started eating three meals a day and snacks on top and the gain started, then i fell pregnant with my first (and used the excuse i'm eating for two), the i breastfeed and convinced myself i need extra calories for baby, and didn't really get my head into losing baby weight after as I knew we'd have another one and now i'm pregnant with my second and i realised that in under 5 years i've gained 4 stone!!!! :eek:


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When I was 20 I lost about 2 stones on SW in about 4 months. Once I got to target I stopped going and put it all back on plus another stone. Tried WW and Diet Chef but never stuck to it because I can't stand restriction to the amount of food I can eat. So I gave up dieting altogether.I went to a Conference last September, which is held every year, and seeing the pictures shocked and horrified me but the last straw was when I had to contemplate going up yet another dress size. I remembered how well I had done on SW before and here I am.
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I've decided to do it for our holiday to Florida in September but also because most of the women in my peer group at work at size 8/10 and at a size 14 feel really uncomfortable - I know it's shallow but don't want to be described as 'the big girl'!

My friend has inspired me to stick with SW by losing 2 and half stone and my cousin 3 stone - two awesome ladies X

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