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what weight?


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Good grief 8 stone 13 lbs to 10 stone, I dont think I will ever be either of those weights. I want to be 10.5-11 stone, I was 9.13 when I was 22 and that was because I ate nothing and walked every where and drank plenty at weekends lol. If I were 8 stone 13 I would be skeletal. I have always had big boobs and big hips theres nothing I can do about them, even when the rest of me is thin my boobs are still big, my hips when I was size 12 were 38 inches, I must have been about 14 the last time I was 8 st anything


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mine is 10st 3 to 11st 4. which is ok by me :D i must have massive wrists!


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I must have extra long fingers lol.


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lol, I think I am the only person never to have seen ET


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ha! no your not. Me neither. I wouldnt watch as a kid as I was scared lol.
I just thought it was very silly and he was very ugly:eek:
:8855: love it!!
I only watched ET for the first time a couple of years ago with my son!

My ideal weight is 61-67 kilos apparently. Dukan says 63.6 so that's a fair estimate.
Not in the slightest! Science fiction is so not my thing.
cor ive not seen ET for years tend to wake up at xmas and its on somewhere inthe house

Mine said 120 to 135 pounds Dukan said 140 so fair enough what ever i am size 8 (them were the days ) or size 12 I will always have a J LO bum im afraid


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Stupid question here from ELLE TRES STUPIDO... this calculator says to check your wrist size to see whether you're small, medium or large framed... like most... yes? I've only JUST noticed though that they say to do same with your INDEX finger. I've always done it with my middle finger!

My index finger and thumb doesn't touch... I've got small hands... big wrists?

(big bum, big wrists, fat elbows... Vicky... HELP?!)


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JO!!!! INDEX FINGER!!!! even on dukan its forefinger aswell. in fact i double checked this by googling. BIG BONED JO!!!!!!

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