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what will happen if i eat and drink

hi all

i have a bit of a problem i have family coming this weekend to stay with me that i have not seent for 5 years and they want to go out for a meal on saturday and then for a few drinks - what will happen if i eat and drink and the weekend will it be harder to do will i put weight on it is only the saturday night and will be right back on it sunday

please help
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Just noticed that you posted this and hadnt had a reply
simple answer is odds are you will get knocked out of ketosis and although you may only put on a pound or two you will put yourself back to day one hun and have to go through the headaches cacky feeling etc all over again. You can still go out and drink water and have a laugh but i personally wouldnt eat, couldnt you say we can have drinks at home and I will cook that way you can drink water and also just say ah ive spent ages cooking it and have been picking while i did am not really hungry now and just sit at the table with them. Other people may say just get a small chicken salad straight salad and chicken and eat a bit of that so you might want to do this but it depends how sensitive you are as to wether this will knock you out of ketosis or not chuck

Or just fess up tell them you are doing this for you to help you get healthy and if they dont like it they can go order a pizza !


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i was in your predicament a few weeks ago and i had 5 days off. i ate and drank far far too much vodka and ended up putting on 9lbs. However, I lost it all within 3 days and lost a further 4 lbs that week too. It must have just been water retention more than anything. Now i'm not suggesting you go out and go on a mad one and put weight on and then blame me if it doesn't come off easily. I guess I just got lucky and it didn't really pose a problem for me.

good luck with whatever you decide and have a nice weekend with your family xxx
Hi there i am the same as vicki L i have had a few things to go to where i have just ate and drank what i wanted and lost the weight i gained within a few days however im noticing the more often that i have done this the longer it takes for my body to go back into ketosis but its not as hard getting back onto the shakes as you may think i actually looked forward to getting back onto them each time i broke my diet as you feel very tired and just like how you feel after xmass truly sick of food and drink.................there is also a risk drinking on a very low cal diet they say it can even be fatal..................if i was you i would eat a carb free meal like chicken and broccoli or fish and salad leaves and dont drink however i always thought that if im going to break it then i will have what i want and just start again tomorrow .............it will take you longer to loss weight if you break it i have broke mine 3 times for weddings and im not breaking it again until i am finished for good
Hi Baps,

Situations like these are always awkward. You know yourself and your family best so the final decision must be down to you. If you can then I'd tell them and stick to LT for the whole weekend. If you can't then that either suggestion above, either insist on cooking for them and claim you have picked so much you are no longer hungry or stick to very lean chicken or fish and salad, no dressing and hope you aren't knocked out of ketosis.

Good luck with whichever option you go with.

not sure what to suggest for this as i personally couldnt stop tfr to eat a meal then get back on the diet. for me it has been all or nothing but i think it is because i did lighter life in the past and had somethingto eat after 9 weeks on the diet and just couldnt for the life of me get back on the shakes! once i had eaten that was it for me i couldnt get enough lol not everyone is like that though and you might be fine,good luck with whatever you decide to do and am sorry that i couldnt be much help xxxx either way i am sure you will have a lovely time with your family regardless of whether you eat or not it will just be nice to see them and catch up


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i am sure they wont mind you being on LT, they are more interested in seeing you than watching you eat.

be strong, why take the risk, just explain what you are doing and have a fab time with them!



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all or nothing hon. I went on a hen weekend this weekend and stuck to TFR. I have my own hen weekend in 2 weeks and am sticking to TFR. I come off it two weeks before the wedding so having my 2nd hen do then mind.
But to me you've got to stick to it, give 100% etc.

Goooooooood luck!!

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