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What will I look like?


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This probably sounds daft, but I'm now at about the weight I got to when I lost with LighterLife, which is also the lowest weight I've been as an adult. I really struggled when I got to this point last time, and I'm starting to wobble now. I think it's because I'm really nervous of what I'm going to look like. It probably sounds really daft, but I first put on loads of excess weight when I was unwell aged 12. So I've never been a normal or even overweight weight as a teenager, let alone an adult, and I don't know what I'm going to look like. I'm not quite sure why it's freaking me out so much, as presumably I'll just look like a thinner version of what I look like now in the mirror. Has anyone else battled with this? I'm so determined to lose this weight and get there, so I'm not about to give in - and setting myself the cycle challenge is helping, as I need to lose the weight to have a hope of being able to cycle 45 miles! I guess I want to be sure that when I've lost the weight and look in the mirror it will still feel like it's 'me' looking back.
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You probably wont notice a shocking change because you see yourself every day! You will still be you! Just a slimmer healthy version of you!

If I hadnt taken start pictures, I wouldnt notice the 52lbs weight loss!
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I agree SammyE if hadnt have taken pics last time i wouldnt have noticed the difference too much. Now what i did enjoy was all the compliments i was getting from people i hadnt seen for a while, and im sure it'l be the same for you's all :)


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............yes I agree with SammyE don't concentrate too much on the physical aspect of your weight loss but the health aspect and then when you see that vibrant healthy woman staring back at you from the mirror it will have all been worth it. xx
I do sometimes wonder about this. Ive never been thin, ever. Ok when i was a kid up until about age 12. Think i started high school at a size 14 and gradually crept up in weight. The thing is....you look in your mirror everyday so u will never see a shocking difference. And it really is true that its whats on the inside that makes a person, so if your appearance changes, it'll still be you in there! Im actually quite excited to meet the size 12 me...i cant recall when i last met her, and i cant wait haha x


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Actually I found I got used to it pretty quickly! I used to always sabotage diets too when I got to a certain stage, although I never really thought about why.
Essentially you will just look like a younger, healthier version of yourself.You may get more attention and respect from others, but hey thats says more about them than you.You go for it girl xx


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I too find it hard to visualise what i would be like, its now when I look at my photos I can see what I was like even though I think I am no different in the mirror. I am past the half way mark and I look down and still see 'fat' me at times.
I think this is really interesting as I've always wondered why I sabotage my efforts when I've done really well. As much as we all hate being overweight there is some strange deep rooted negative comfort to it. It's an excuse to not do things cause I'm too big/heavy/unfit. I can feel sorry for myself and I can also eat whatever I want when I want!! I did LL years ago and didn't really recognise myself as I identify myself as" the fat one". So if I wasn't fat , who the hell was I???
It's weird but I imagine visualising yourself as this new looking person is a positive way to feel comfortable with yourself, and therefore will not be such a shock when you look in the mirror and meet her....... God knows you've worked really hard to xx

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