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What will you do when you reach your ideal weight??



Determined! I Can do this
I intend on filling my wardrobe with clothes I would LIKE to wear not clothes I had to wear and then going on a holiday of a lifetime :)
I'm with shinytooth on this: I want to fill my wardrobe with totally gorgeous and totally stylish clothes to wear!

Plus I want to stare at my reflection in every shop window and mirror and admire how fabulous I look :) - be a nice change from avoiding looking at it!
Get naked with the other half and well yeah you know what comes after that.. :p:p

Been together a decade nearly and he aint ever seen me starkers :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
I would like to own a couple of designer items, just cos I never have and was able to fit into them. That's if designer stock a size 14! aka XXXXXXXXL as some label them, ok I exaggerate but ya see me point. ;)

ETA: I'd love to do a drama course too!
steal all my skinny sisters' many many clothes!
I will have great pleasure in shopping in normal shops rather than the same old same old Evans!
I'm with the others who say that I will shop in normal size clothing stores. As someone who has been overweight her entire life, I can't even remember shopping in the "regular" stores.

I'm thinking of buying myself something big, like a new computer or a new iPod. I haven't really decided on that yet though, I have 130 pounds to decide. ;-)


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I've never really thought about it to be honest, probably just cry when I stand on the scales and I'm finally at my goal weight lol.
Get a new tattoo! Have a nice one planned for when I get to goal! Also go shopping! Lol!