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what would u rather have??

ya lost mi hun????


Getting closer everyday
me too x
Julzzzzz! Enlightenment needed??? xx


Eloquent hooligan
Think she's doin a poll ;)

I'm pre-empting it... I'd rather have itchy balls & short arms than wicked body & acute B.O. :D
WAS going to do a poll then the phone rang and got distracted - lol x SORRRRY XOX


Silver Member
Lipotrim instead of liposuction
sex instead of chocolate
hallitosis instead of a big belly
a manicure instead of a macdonalds
water instead of wine
dulco lax instead of constipation
horrid flapjacks instead of strawberry cheesecake :eek: [thats a lie but....] ;)

i think that will do for now :D
A flat tummy rather than a flat chest

I have neither at the moment!!!



Says it as it is!!!
LMFAO Julz hehehe i would rather have it all lol xx


Eloquent hooligan
Rather not have to work for a living...
Rather be on holiday...
Rather live in a country that doesn't have rain 90% of the time...
Rather be able to understand what goes on in the brain of the boyfriend...
Rather not have fair weather 'friends'...

Don't want much, eh?! :D


Eloquent hooligan
Alas he is not a normal male... not into sports and doesn't understand lads magazines... He's a neuroscientist and very interested in brains and eyes lol. I'd say the last suggestion is bang on though. LOL

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