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What would you do? (food ref)


Trying very hard!
Afternoon everyone,

Only me again with one of my stoopid questions,

This weekend I am going away with my boyf (his birthday Sun), His mum and partner and his sister and partner (not quite sure how all this happened!)

We are going Friday eve and coming back Sunday. His Mum has told me what she's planning on cooking (She always has to be the cook!).

Friday night: Chilli and rice

Sat: Breakfast - Cerials
Lunch - Prob go out
Tea - Steak and salad, poss chips

Sun: Breakfast - Cerials
Lunch - poss go out

Now, this could end up being the only 'holiday' I get this year what with money and everything. I am not sure what to do.
Do I:
Eat whatever they eat and get back to CD Monday morning?
Eat carefully, not go mad?
Stay away from carbs and try and stay in ketosis?
Just stick to CD for the weekend?

I understand a few of the above options will cause weight gain, how much weight gain do you think it could be?

The next occasion where I might 'have' to eat is a wedding thats not until May so once back on CD I would have a really good stretch of it until then.

Any advice would be great, I am really worrying myself!
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It's impossible to say how much you would put back on as everybody is different.
For example I ate all over christmas & new year & only put on 6lb. That really isn't alot considering what I ate!
Most of it would be water, so you would probably lose it quite quickly.
But only you can decide what to do. Some people find it really difficult to get back on track when they've had time off it. Could you not do ss+ or 810 for the weekend?

Good luck with whatever you decide. x


Trying very hard!
I thought about trying to go up the plans for the weekend but I worry it might be a bit difficult as she is doing the cooking for us, she likes to do that you see!

I just didnt want to be looking over her shoulder weighing everything she cooks and looking at labels of everything all the time!

Thank you for your reply, I dont want to make the wrong decision!
I think the answer to this depends on how you think you'll do after.
It's not really about gain as you'll lose that as soon as you go back on CD. But do you think you'll be able to get back into it without wanting to eat again.
You'll probably have the same feelings as the first week on CD again. If you were ok with that and think you could do it again, I say eat in moderation.

Stay away from chips and stuff and try have a small portion. Eat slowly and have a lot of water with your meals.

I'm in a similar position. It's my birthday on Sunday too. I've been debating going for a meal but I'm not sure I could get back into the swing of things so quickly. I'm gonna wait until the day to decide.

Good luck
Think if it was me, I would be realistic and "plan" a weekend off without going too mad- also no guilt then as in your head you know when you get back you are back on it. That's what I would do- no way I could sit there with a shake and be miserable!

Good luck


Trying very hard!

Thank you so much for all your replies,

I think your right I should enjoy the weekend just in moderation. I think CD has taught me so far about holding back and being sensible so I will go along with everyone else but in a controlled fashion!

I'm quite looking forward to eating 'meals' but am also really nervous!

Thank you again,
Well. I put on 4lbs over Xmas but lost 5lb the following week, so it came off easily. Just make sure you can handle getting back into it next week. If it were me i'd just enjoy the break & try to stick to as few carbs as possible. We're all different. If your head is in the right place you'll be fine.

Have a great time away! Simone x


Trying very hard!
Hiya everyone

We got back on Sunday, it was a disaster!!! People wouldnt stop feeding me!

First night, arrived and had been dished up a bowl of chilli (no rice) didnt like it and couldnt finish it so gave it to OH.

Morning, brekkie = shake
Lunch, they all wanted fish and chips and I thought we were going back after so took no shakes but turned out they were going somewhere else so had nothing to have till evening, walked up and down looking for something to eat, nothing was open but the chippy and a butchers, I had a bit of fish but ate no batter, it was horrible but it was that or raw sausages from the butchers!
Tea, got given prawn cocktail with no sauce. Wasnt going to have it but didnt want to make a fuss. The steak was like half a cow! Never seen anything like it! And got given wedges, tomatos and mushrooms, didnt eat the wedges.
Pudding, someone else had 'treated' us to the GU pots and got them ready as a 'nice' surprise, to my horror they'd done me one too. Didnt like it, was too sickly! I nearly passed out when I read the nutritional info!

For breakie the next morning they thought I was eating now so whilst I was in the shower they made me scrambled egg and bacon thinking it was like a slimming world no carb breakfast!

Didnt have any lunch with them, managed to get out of that one!

Tested for ketosis when I got in, I was still in! Dont know how I managed that one!

Went for weigh in yesterday and over the past two weeks I'd lost, 14lbs!!!!!

Thank you for all your helpful advice over this one, I really appreciate it,
Lou x
Actually that doesn't sound that awful to me. Like you say, you stayed off carbs as much as you could; obviously enough because you're still in ketosis!
Well done! and fantastic on the weight loss, 14lb in 2 weeks is amazing.

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