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What would you do?

Hi all

After doing so well and not eating or drinking at a wedding we went to a few weeks ago, I now have another dilemna I'd appreciate your advice on...

In 2 weeks, my fiance and I are due to visit Scotland for the last lot of wedding planning before we marry there in October (we live in Hampshire).

We have to chose our wedding breakfast menu with a menu tasting of 2 starters, 2 mains & 2 desserts.

Would you lapse or wouldn't you?

One day my brain is telling me no, it would be stupid too, I trust H2B so why not let him choose. I can input on smell & presentation after all! But then part of me on other days is saying, come on Joo, you've done really well you deserve this and it IS your wedding meal. By then I'll be halfway through the programme and well into it so maybe I will be able to get back onto it after the weekend?

I do seriously worry about lapsing and whether I'll be able to get back on the programme. I just don't know what to do!

What would you do?

I'm going to ask my LL counsellor on Wednesday what her thoughts would be, but I know her answer now!!!

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Hmmmm this is a hard one but if you only taste a small amount just to get the taste then I would do this. Men do have different taste buds to us women...lol.
It is up to you really so go with what you want to do.
I wouldn't but then i know i would really really struggle to get back into the swing of the diet if i came off it, even for a single bite of something.
If I were you I would not eat no matter how delicious the food is! You have come this far and I just think it would be the beginning of the slippery slope. For something as important as your wedding day you do not want to ruin it. It's just not worth it. You'll be able to eat the food at your wedding anyway. Stay focussed on that day and do not deviate. It would be so upsetting for you after if you looked at the photos and were disappointed in yourself.
Is it worth coming out of ketosis for? You would have to go through another 3 - 4 days to get back into ketosis. Those days would then be lost whilst you could have been losing weight.
At the end of the day bridejoo whatever you do I wish you good luck and enjoy it!!
I wouldnt! Your OH can do the testing & you can wait to see how yummy it is on the day which will make it all the more special! If in doubt (1) Think of the big day & the dress & (2) People have come off & found it incredibly hard to go back on again once they've eaten! At the end of the day though it depends what you want to do although I suspect that your chatterbox is having a merry old time in your head with the dilemma! I just tell mine to f-off now & its got quieter over the months (although comes back some days & SCREAMS!!)...let us know what you decide - cos I'm nosy!!

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