What Would You Like To Change!!!


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I am just over a year on my diet journey and what a difference. I have found the whole journey has been transformational and here is a list of some of the things I find easy to do now and are no longer a problem.

Please post what you would like to change.

1. One size fits all and now it does:D

2. Getting into my car, between two parked cars and not wiping the dust off with my belly and bum.:D clean clothes:D

3. No more heat rash and chafing in the upper thighs or under belly or boobs.:D pure bliss and clear skin:D

4.To know I can go anywhere and sit anywhere and be comfortable.:D great, the fear is gone that I might break the chair:D

5. To feel my arms across my chest without them resting on my belly:D my cup rest is gone and no more red mark on my belly:D

6. To have a lap again:D The dog finds it very comfortable:D

7. To tie my shoes with ease:D I can honestly, no bother:D

8. To look at myself in the mirror in a shop and not look away:D

9. To get on the bathroom scales and not feel that they will break or groan:D

10. To have the toilet seat stay in the one place:D

11. To feel loads of leg room in my 5ft. bed and thinking how big it is:D

12. To be back in my own shoe size again:D

13. To walk without getting breathless:D

14. To run up the stairs like a youngster:D

15. To not have the bath dam up behind me:D

16. To be able once again to change sex position with ease:D

17. To not have to go into the fat shops:D

18. To have and hold onto good health and now feel I can live forever:D

19. To see the world open up again and have hope:D
1. I want to wear my ripped jeans!!!!

2. Increased confidence

3. Increased self esteem

4... can't think of anymore yet.. I'll update as they come to mind :)
I have speculatively bought a pair of jeans on eBay that are a 28 inch waist. I have to reduce by 4 inches to get in them - mind you my waist is all floppy so I could just wear them and squish it all over the top :p
I don't want to feel tired all the time.

To buy my per una and next clothes.

And not to be so self aware when sat next to people on a train - I used to hate that because I felt I was invading their space!
To be able to get the tray down below my belly on an aircraft!

To get more active, not be a couch potato.

To walk down the street with my slim husband and daughter and hold my head up high because I dont feel like Im embarrassing them.

To be in normal size clothes.

Shop in cheapo shops!!! (primark here I come!)

And all of the ones in minis post.
Great thread Mini:D

I am starting to smile now when I look in the mirror rather than looking like a miserable git because I hate what I am seeing.

I want to be able to go into Top Shop/Miss Selfridge etc without the fear of a "fat alarm" going off and being escorted from the shop by security guards becuase I don't belong in there!

I want to be a Yummy Mummy not a Slummy Scummy Big Tummy Mummy!

If someone was describing me to someone else I would love it if they didn't need to use the word "big"!
No 10 and No 15 stood out for me mini on your list!!!

Nobody usually says about No 10....:eek:
1. To eat in public without feeling I'm being judged.

2. To shop where ever I like and buy clothes that I like and not just because I'm grateful that they fit me.

3. I am no longer described as the 'big girl' by customers.

4. To wear a skirt even on a hot summers day.

5. To go into a skinny shop with my head held high.....I always felt that snooty shop assistants were laughing at my audacity at going into a shop where quite clearly nothing would fit:mad:

6. To sit in the bath and have the water drain away when I pull the plug....why would I want to? To prove that I can!:D

7. I don't snore anymore.

8. To wear high heels again, even standing all day at work.

9. To snuggle up in bed on a Sunday morning with DH, DD and DS without one of us ending up being pushed on the floor!

10. To prove to my dismissive GP that VLCD's do work and here's the proof!