What You Doing For The Weekend?


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Shopping stuff, training sunday!


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I've got my bf's family coming at the end of next week, so gonna speand this weekend trying to get up to date with my ironing so it's not sitting in a basket in the spare room!!!!! ;)

Other than that, if the weathers good maybe get out for a walk into town and mooch around the shops - it's not payday til tuesday so will be a window shop lol

Kitty xxx


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it'll be cleaning cleaning and more cleaning for me. I want the house sparkling before the bloke comes to clean my carpets on monday. Or should that be I want it sparkling by the time he leaves


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I'm teaching on and off tomorrow, but I have Sunday off so will go to the gym, do loads of piano practice and probably play taxi driver for the kids.

Thrilling eh :D


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got a busy weekend planned. lots of miles involved. going to Ikea, then onto a party, staying overnight then going to the NEC on Sun for a car show. hopefully will get to see the gorgeous Clarkson!