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what your aim for today ?


is gonna do it!!
I have a really hard time drinking any water at all. At my best I drank 2 litres!!
How do you guys do it?
Seriously, I gag when im drinking water.
well thats 3 litres gone allready!! must of been thirsty!

usually i admit i struggle 3 litres a day, but for some reason i am well thirsty today..

if you cant drink your water try adding some water flavouring in it.. i am going to buy some orange flavour next week and have it in sparkling water.... i have the berry one now, but not needed to have any flavour as im ok drinking just water..
3's good for me and am well on track at 2½ already and it's only just gone 2 pm. :p
Have had 2.5 litres of water and another litre in black coffee so far. Usially have 6 litres of water by the end of the day.
Really enjoy drinking it now :eek::eek:
The thing I find with SSing and drinking all this water is that whilst my food bills go down, my toilet roll bills rocket! :D
does water speed up the weight loss by a significant amount?
ive been craving a chicken burger alllll day. must.............say.............no!!!!!!!!!
Put that thought away right now!! No chicken burger for you, have a lovely, yummy glass of water instead (hmm, doesn't sound so good does it :rolleyes: ).

Re the weight loss, it does seem to go the more you drink the more you shrink.

Stay strong & keep on trucking :D
I'm aiming for 3 litres today (must drink annother pint soon!), but I find it easier to drink the wlukewarm. I do 2/3 cold water and 1/3 water from the kettle. I can drink it much more easily that way.

Also I drink mugs of hot water. I can't bear tea or coffee without milk, but when I need a hot drink I just have hot water.

I also have a couple of Veg Bouillon's during the day which helps - One habit I think I'll keep once I fifnish CD!

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