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What's all this rubbish about not being able to SS with BMI over 40?

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Hubby and I are now on day 7 (wi not til Mon) and when we saw the CDC last week, we already had the forms signed as she'd warned us when I called her the first time then dropped the forms round - we then got a doc appt and got them signed in advance of our first meeting. She said at that meeting "I want you to have some milk" to which my response was "No, I'm going to SS and I've got that signature to give me permission to do so." I mean, I gave up breastfeeding 5 days before staring in order to SS and my doc even wrote on the form I had done so in order to SS, and signed and dated that statement too! She also questioned a couple of times whether I was sure I wanted 4 packs a day (I'm nearly 5'10") so I have to say I'm not terribly impressed. My last CDC in 2008 was great but don't think she's doing it any more as couldn't find her on the website, plus vvv embarrassed as I fell off the wagon too many times to remember before giving up 2 stone away from goal! D'oh.
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i started again and have been on and off of cambridge last few months really. but i am on it for the whole hog now but i will be extremely annoyed if i am told tomorrow i have to go on to a higher kal bit as my bmi is 55. fingers crossed cause i have been a client for so long i wont have to go on to the higher one i was told it is just for new clients.


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My bmi is 43 and I have had to start on step 2 due to this :(. But soon will be down enough
I posted elsewhere today that I was pretty sure SS is not allowed at BMI of 40+. I was starting to wonder whether I'd dreamed that! Then I spotted this thread.

It is for reasons of health, obviously. The CDC should be enforcing the official company guidelines. That is her job and she may have signed a contract to that effect. This places any CDC is a very awkward position. If yours says you can't SS over BMI 40 then she must presumably have been told this by Cambridge themselves. She (or he) is hardly going to refuse to sell products to an eager customer. There must be a good, and maybe even legal, reason.

Check it out further before you get angry at your CDC lol. The ones saying fine, okay, may be knowingly breaching their guidelines.
S: 24st2lb C: 20st8lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 3st8lb(14.79%)
I would not having started Cambridge if I could not do SS, I came from doing lipotrim but Cambridge is a lot nearer and I like the shakes better especially the tetra's as they are so easy to take to work and out and about.

I did get my Dr's ok because my BMI was just over 50, they were fine, I am sensible not grasped SS totally however so switching between SS and SS+ apart from my hols.

I am sure they are doing it to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy during the diet.


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Update for you all-you CAN do ss if your BMI is over 40-just slightly differently.You have to do a red1 option which is 4 shakes and a pink of milk. I'm happy to do the 4 shakes as I'm 5ft7 but won't be having the milk :) There was no way I was going to start on 810!
S: 18st9.0lb C: 17st7.0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.5 Loss: 1st2lb(6.13%)
My BMI was 41 and my CDC who is amazing said I could do SS+ for a week which would also be a good step into the diet. After the first week I lost 8lbs and now I am on SS. I think its more to do with the shock to your system and the strain you can put it under.

I was lucky my CDC emails/texts every couple of days to make sure everything is ok. Its all about being honest with yourself, maybe they should also take indviduals requests into account. As for the Doctor they did contact mine by sending a form to them.
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i started ss on 30th December 2013 - my first weigh in is on monday my bmi was 45

things have changed on CW in that i had to get medical approval and when i took the form to my cc because it was signed and not stamped then she had tosend it off to the clinic for the stamp

my CC did suggest i didnt go on the SS to start with but that was the only reason i was there - so I was put on the SS without too much issue


is loving CWP xx
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Well. My bmi was just over 50 and i am on a new plan called 1000cc. I have 4 shakes a day and a pint of milk which i use throughout the day for coffees. So for me this is as good as doing ss as i dont have to touch food.

I had my first week weigh on tonight and altough it's totm i still lost 8lb.

So i will stay on this til my bmi is under 40 then i can do ss.

I think its great!!

I have had

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I am 23st 4 lbs and started Cambridge today on Step 3.
I met with my consultant at the weekend and she said because of my high BMI, step 3 is where I have to start. I was a bit confused by this as I've seen people on CD who are my weight or heavier and they have never started on Step 3.
She also said that before I start, I had to get my doctor to sign some forms, once he had done that, I could start the plan.
Luckily I got an appointment yesterday morning first thing and the doctor was happy to sign the forms. My consultant fitted me in last night and we discussed the Step 3 plan.
Two products a day is what I'm allowed. I work in an office so this week I've gone for the porridge and shakes. I am also allowed a piece of fruit with breakfast and a bowl of lettuce leaves at lunch. My meal when I get home can be around 450 calories (I think, will need to double check the book) but I guess I am happy with doing this until my BMI gets lower and I can see the weight come off!
Ideally I would have loved to have started on Step 1 like most people, but my consultant knows whats best for me :)


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S: 18st3lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 3st10lb(20.39%)
I am on day 4 ss with a bmi of over 48. My cd didn't even mention anything about starting on step 3.......

Izzy x
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When I started CWP I had a BMI of 52, and wasn't allowed to start until the doctor had signed a form saying it was ok. And I didn't start on SS, but a plan called Red 2, 4 products plus 2 pints of skimmed milk per day. I have to say, I love the plan and have lost 2st 2lb in 5 weeks :)

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