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Whats best for xmas?

Now i know alot of us are planning to be good over christmas, but i no me and i'm likely to fall of the wagon. But do you think its better to over eat on sw friendly stuff like sw ferrero roche, baileys mousses, crisps ect
or is there no point and just eat the crap everyone else is eating?
Not sure what to do for the best, i was going to have a red day but i think a green might be easier to stick to.

How much damage do you think it would do if you made everything sw friendly but but eat red and green stuff?

Ok rambling now, let me no what you think,
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Heh I don't know, if you overeat you overeat. If you can stick mostly to plan and hope to maintain that should do it, set yourself flexi syn maximums and do your best to not go over them.

I'm going to be at my dad's on the day so won't have much control over the way things are cooked. Not really going to stress over it too much, just trying hard this week and on the run up to the 25th/26th next week and get off what I can beforehand really. Then get myself back on plan and back on this here bandwagon so I don't let the naughtiness carry on into the new year!


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Tend not to worry xmas day, by the time we've had bacon sarnie or something similar for brekkie & then my mum's late xmas dinner, there's not a lot of room left for anything more than maybe a few choccies, so xmas day is never really that much of a distaster.

It's all the other days I struggle with!! But try to keep myself busy, sales shopping etc, but it's not that easy, so I think I will keep an endless supply of sw ferrero rocher, cakes & of course baileys mousses on tap, just to be on the safe side!!


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I'd probably take the "a little of what you like" approach. I don't intend to deny myself if I want a treat. But, say, if there's a box of Roses or something, I'd probably make myself a cup of tea and pick out 2 or 3 of my favourites and sit down and properly enjoy them with a cuppa, and that's it. I can handle that... but if I just start troughing the lot, I'm gonna feel a lot worse, so why put myself through it.

That said, if I do have more than I'm intending... oh well, a few weeks giving 100% after Christmas and it'll all be gone again. It's not the end of the world.


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Can anyone give me the recipe for baileys mousse please ?
I'm taking boxing day pretty much off, but i'm not going to stuff myself if you see what i mean?
Think about things rather than write everything down.. xx
im not going to over indulge i will just eat what i want. in our house christmas is 2 days of the yr i can get back on track on the 27th.
well thats what im telling myself anyway lol
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i think u could do it three ways
1. eat little of what u really want but be good rest of time allow yourself a certain amount of syns a day
2. prepare sw food and eat less syns than u would if u went for a all out binge but eat as much as u like.
3. eat what ever u want but get back to it on days after xmas.(a few disadvanges to this one. u will have a gain, u will feel rubbish afterwards cause eating rubbish makes u feel that way and the big one its hard to get back on once u come off esp if u have a gain)

personally i'd go with number 2 cause its really not worth putting weight on for one day a year which strechs into a week or more. i'm gonna eat good till xmas eve tea then use flexi syns on sw food then xmas day i'm gonna stick to plan cause xmas dinner can be syned. then boxing day i'm being good till tea and using flexi syns but at my mums but she doesn't go mad so i will be careful.
i think we have to remeber xmas isn't about food its about presents lol maybe u could get your partner (or buy your own like me) to buy u extra pressies to open at meal times so u still get a treat but of the right type (doesn't have to be big) and think of all the money u will save on not buying rubbish.
i think the key to it is to stay in control then u won't feel bad

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