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Whats for breakfast?


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Im really boring as I nearly always have the same, mullerlight, alpen light and berries. will be interested to see what others have


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good idea! will be interesting to see if any different ideas pop up! breakfast seems to be very samey,samey for most people.

today i had a banana and some raspberries.
God im bored of my breakfast.. at my desk at work - 2 weetabix and some of my milk allowance with some sweetener .. yawn


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good idea! Yeah i pretty much have the same too, today it was oats so simple, with milk (HEA) and mixed frozen berries. I will have a scran bran with banana later to make up full healthy extra B xx
I work shifts so late shifts mean a big breakfast & days means weetibix at my desk with mazziecoupe. I'm off today but wanted something quick before I tackled the Wii!

Just re read my post & it sounded like I have breakfast with mazziecoupe!! I mean we both have boring weetibix!!
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I had a bit of time this morning (very unusual) so I had an extra special mid-week (just past) brekkie of:

2 slices of WM bread (HexB) with 2 poached eggs and mushrooms and a massive cup of coffee :D

Not that special I know - but for me to have time to do that before I leave the house is A-mazing! :D

Excellent thread as I struggle with new ideas for a quick breakfast


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If I have had an early morning swim I am starving so bacon, mushrooms and tomato hit the spot for me. Non swim days are cereal or fruit. I brought the delicious food optimising days book from class, it has 100 B-L-D ideas in, so I can normally come up with different things to stop the breakfast boredom.
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same as alot of you, alpen light bar & shape zero yougart & sometimes banana. Quite boring but works for me as i'm usually rushing round in the morn - now that i'm walking everyday :)
Big change from large bowl of cereal & 2 rounds of toast pre slimming world!!
A super-special person on here (you will know who you are!;)) has introduced me to breakfast rice. Mullerlight with hot, cooked pudding rice stirred in. Yummy!

I cook a lot of rice up, freeze it, (or can keep in fridge), it then take out a bit at a time, & defrost, then reheat (til very very very hot!!!) in microwave, then stir into yoghurt. Can add fruit if you wish. Scrummy!


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I love a hot breakfast so its normally 2 nimble with smoked bacon medalions and scrambled egg or cheese and tomato under the grill on 2 nimble. Yummmmmy.


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I nearly always have poached eggs or beans on toast. I used to make a lovely oat bran gallette when I dabbled briefly with Dukan. Will have to see how many syns were in it!


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I had french toast / sweet eggy bread (2 small slices of wholemeal bread dipped in beaten egg, sweetener and cinnamon mixture, the fryed in frylight) drizzled with VFF Vanilla Activia and raspberries.


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2 x choc weetabix with 150ml warm s.milk and chopped banana :)
Chocolate weetabix arent a healthy extra are they? My C told us in class that they weren't but the choc mini weetabix were which is what I have for brekkie.

Weekends I have bacon, egg on toast.

Weekdays is usually weetabix or 3 slice weight watchers bread with laughing cows and an apple :)

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