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What's for lunch ...


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We're having an EE day again. For lunch were having chicken breasts stuffed with a baby bell light and some minced garlic and wrapped in a rasher of bacon, served with small potatoes with skins on and some broccoli, carrots and peas :D

At least that's the plan....it has been known to go awry at the weekends so it may end up being tea instead.
Well I have had a lazy morning and not a lot to eat so I am having a quorn sausage, fried egg (in FryLight) and mushroom sandwich (HEB). Yummy!!
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On a green day and I am going to have prawn linguine with garlic, chilli, button mushrooms and cherry tomotoes. Serve mixed with some fromage frais and a squeeze of lime.... Yum
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I am on an extra easy day today and have just had a jacket potato topped with 4 laughing cow triangles (hea) some tinned tuna,chopped tomato and cucumber and onion mixed with some fat free fromage frais.




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I've just had a really delicious lunch. Smoked salmon, some large prawns, quark with chopped dill, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot and radishes. This was followed by a banana sliced into a toffee Muller Light yogurt.

We're doing a reddish extra easy day as we've got chilli con carne with rice for dinner tonight. Basically we're swapping the second HEB for rice. I'm also going to try making the Curly Wurly cake.
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I've just had bacon, mushrooms, scrambled egg and a slice of bread. Yummy! Having a huge turkey salad for my tea, and fresh fruit with yoghurt for afters. As a snack later I'm having krisprolls with philadelphia on.


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I ended up with mushrooms, veggie burger and tomatoes with savoury rice and it was nice and tasty. Now what to have for dinner :) Why is it all I think about is food lol
wow ure lunches all sound nice i am having bacon sandwich with a boiled egg on top (no fry lite yet) i am going to try that chicken thing someone posted for tea so thanks for idea x


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red day today - I had poached salmon (in water), on lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and 1 Babybel light. I followed that with a Shape yoghurt. I feel full now.

Steak and salad tonight - use 2 more babybel light to make up my HEA, same salad as before, but a boiled egg as well.


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I've only eaten a yogurt so far, but we're having a barbeque later. I'm making potato salad too, so will call it an ee day!


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syn free chips and cheasy beans :)
Then tonight its lamb steak hex B with a hot italian rub fresh veggies and baby potatoes and before you all say it the hot itialin rub will be on the meat not me.... more to the pity lol :D
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Hmmmm... I'm not feeling that hungry today at all.. have only eaten a banana so far as I felt a bit sick when I woke up.

Having a big buffet meal at Mum's tonight, so may do a bacon sarnie I think, now I've remembered I should eat something!!! lol

Still gotta do all the housework though as well... Argh!!!


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I made split pea soup with lots of carrots , celery, green beans and onion in it. It's having it's revenge now! Things have turned very windy!

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